Friday, April 09, 2010

Nobody Wins: Appeasement? Or Stupidity?

Nobody Wins:
Ring..... Ring...
"Hello, President Barack Hussein Obama would like to speak to President Ahmadinejhad"
"Mr. President. The President of the United States is calling."
"Oh..well, I'm buseey. I'm watching Avatar. Teell him I think he's a wussy, and to go get his mommy."
"Uh...Mr. President...I believe she is dead. I really think you should take his call. He says, it's an urgent matter."
"Teell him I'm busy. What's he going to do? Teell me I cannot go to Columbia to speek next week? Is he going to heet me with a few bombs from his puny Air Planes? Teell him, it's my nuclear day, and he should turn on his TV and see my big rods."
"Uh...Mr. President. Do you think it's wise to not even talk to him? After all, you've called him some pretty bad things lately."
"Teell him, he is Satan, and his people know it. Teell him, he is weak, and he is not smart enough to even have a conversation with me...and tell Michelle I said ' divorce this man and save yourself to Allah'.... And what are you doing?! (Takes off his glasses and looks at his aid) Hang up on him, or I will have your throat cut right after the movie."
(Nobody Makes This Stuff Up)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas looks forward.....:

.... to all this 'Change' in the way of doing things promised by Mr O'Barmy. He managed to convince a whole lotta folks that his new way of 'comminicatin', wiv lottsa empafy for strange exotic furriners from knowin' wart its like being da under-dog, and I am waiting to see the result.

Crikey, he even has Hilary as his Sec of State. She convinced a hole lotta folk too that wiv a womyn in charge of Internashernal communicashun, fings would be hunky dory. The world would be a better place wiv womyn in charge, she said, and so she was put in charge.

Now what? Is she going to phone Ahbinamadbastard, too?

7:47 PM  
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