Monday, April 05, 2010

Taxes, Baseball, and Wet Beds

Nobody's Opinion: My electric went out the last few days, my basement has another "crack" in the wall, (which I can't afford to fix) baseball has started and, I'd have to sell my old Cougar just to get a ticket to a game--- Obama has just announced that he will not retaliate if we are nuked,(begging for an attack) and on 24, they did a good job getting us all to feel that peace in the Middle East is MUCH more important than 54,000 people in New York being killed...
My sister-in-law hates me for saying that the National Enquirer is actually reporting more truth than the New York Times, almost causing a major meltdown at Easter dinner...
Russia is supplying all our enemies with weapons...
My dog peed on the bed...again.
My husband has an earache, that will not go away...and Tiger Woods had to have...90 body guards? Excuse me?
Sarah Palin just did a special on a Spanish woman saving an Indian Man from his burning truck..Palin has jumped on the "bandwagon" of the Tower of Babel.
And if that wasn't enough...I have to figure out, all my expenses and taxes for the whole year.
I HATE tax time.
Not to mention, the fact that I'm not particularly fond of fart jokes and I can only watch so many sporting events (due to the fact that I get bored) and that just cost me...a future in another parallel universe, where everything is perfect.
Yes, tonight...I hate everything. Shit happens. Tomorrow, I promise, I'll feel better...I certainly couldn't feel worse.
Unless of course, we lose our electric...again...and my computer crashes...again..and my dog pees on my bed...again...
The only good news: Obama cannot throw a ball to save his soul.
But he is doing a real good job of destroying a country, so it really doesn't matter does it?
I will shut up you might have guessed...I'm not feeling well
Tomorrow, I'm going to take up Yoga. Honest. Really.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

There, there, you poor thingy. Cuddle, cuddle. Hand pat. I'll put some chicken soup on and bring it around when it is well simmered. Oy Vey, I hope Florida girls are allowed chicken soup without converting to Judaism.

You sound in a bad way. I can empathise. But I don't want to go on for thirteen complicated paragraphs replete with sub-clauses and allegorical metaphives about my wound that won't heal and my dismay at seeing the Grail pass by every evening and me not being able to have a swig.

Things could be worse, you see. America could go to the dogs or the dogs could come to you. It's six of one and half a dozen of the other. And the national Anthem could be changed by Presidential fiat to, "Oh do you see by that tree, by the sun's early light, a dog's leg is liftin' on the Land of the Peeeee"

8:35 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

You are sooooo...funny!

I'd like to let the record show..

I feel remarkably, much better.

All I needed was a hug.

9:25 AM  

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