Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nobody Gets E-Mail: Bushwhacker Billboards

Nobody Gets E-Mail:
Well, it's Saturday night, and the moon is out, and this was a good pick from my e-mail bag of the week...simply because this is a picture of a real billboard set up somewhere on the middle of Missouri, where I live.
I like it.
It also is a reminder that that the first skirmishes of the Civil War were fought, probably only a few miles from this sign in Missouri.
We are still---a stubborn lot.
Back then we had a lot of Bushwhackers. (Basically, a bunch of guys who got together and went rebelling.)
So, if worse come to worse...what will the rebels be called?
Obamawackers? Demowackers? Rinowackers? Poliwackers? (sorry)
Okay, I'm being silly.
Tomorrow, I will try to figure out why that lovable Huckaberry Governor from Arkansas, Huckabee, said on his FOX program, that we should think twice about repealing Health Care because...hey it had some good things in it you know!
Then he went on for twenty minutes to tell us how bad it was, and then the "Show me the reason or I'll show you my Bushwhacker," Missourian came out in me.
I took my bushwhacker, and turned him off.
Missouri...leading the way....again! Is history repeating itself?
Nobody Knows!



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