Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nobody Reports: Nulification, A Noble Dream

Nobody Reports: Nulification

I have been waiting for this suggestion ever since my poor dear mother had the idea back during the Clinton Impeachment. She was watching all the madness and in her frustration with what she had seen going on, she said...the middle of the country should just secede from the Coasts. New York, the East, and California could continue down the road of madness, and the mid-west, and western states, could just declare itself another country.

This was back in the year 2000. Ten year later, it might be the best idea, we have today, since any thought of a violent revolution is certanly not viable. And our rulers have made themselves into Kings.

What good are laws when your rulers don't have to abide by any of them?, it was nice to read Joseph's Farrah piece on doing exaclty that. It's called a two- state solution. READ it here.

After listening to Obama insult us ONCE AGAIN in his Ohio victory speech, I felt like I was watching an immature bully razing the losers in his basketball game.

Yes...this suggeston looked better than ever, and it's been in the back of my mind for years. I'm so glad that Joseph has suggested it. He has planted the seed.

I have predicted, as I will continue to predict...that the major role players of power are on ONE side..globaliszation. Mayor Guillaina said just yesterday that he didn't think if the Republicans got in office they should repeal the Health Care bill...not a good idea. We could try to fix it a bit.

That--- from a Republican.

And Judge Napolitoano thought that pot should be legalized, showing you he has never known anyone that smokes that stuff everyday. Soros would be happy.

That from a Conservitive, Libertarian.

Sure, fine the people if you like instead of throwing them in jail...but we have enough problems. I for one am more scared to drive than ever before due to cell phones. Think of all the people that would be TEXTING in their cars while's bad enough when they're straight.

Anyway, my dear mother said..think of it....we would have the food basket. We would have water. But, we both agreed that it would certainly be nice to include Florida in this. Florida might have to be split down the middle. Disneyworld can become it's own country like the Vatican.

So, take a look at the map. Let the eastern seaboard have its elites. Let the Mexicans and the movie stars have California, they already own it. Let them rule in Marxist dictatorship with the rest of the world.


Give us all the rest, and live us alone. Give us our constitution. You don't want it.

Every American who wants to have a chance at liberty...and a chance at the dream...will flock to us.

And if the big multinationals pull be it. Ever had a Kansas City Steak?

Just THINK what we cold do with a fresh start!

We could tell them all go ahead...Keep your commuinst country, and have Castro come up to wine and dine Obama on Broadway.

Better to save a part of America...than none of it at all.

Oh...and we will have our OWN patent office, thank you very much.

The coming years look so glim...ask yourself...Who is John Galt? And just where should we put him?

And can good men and women dare too pull this off?

And is it not...a noble dream?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas Enthuses:

Oh YES !! WE have that in Oz too. The folks in WA ( that's Western Australia - a State as well as a description of where it is) have been threatening to cecede for donkey's years. They are separated from the rest of Oz by a desert.

But while a restructuring of America might be an option, it does beg some questions. How will the 'Americaine Ordinaire' ship things by sea? They won't have a coast and I can't see the early Pakistan solution working with Florida separated by a wedge of Amerikan Eliteland'. And where will all those east coast Elites go for holidays when Calimexhispan goes completely communist and is treated like Cuba?

Perhaps you dinky-di Yanks can apply for Canadian citizenship. Or.... re-apply to join the UK. :)

1:23 AM  

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