Wednesday, March 17, 2010

One Ringy Dingy...Two Ringy Dingy

Nobody's Fool:
We have all been calling the White House this past week, in order to try and STOP the Health Care/school care/take care of Charlie Rangel Care/and all the illegal aliens care....and nobody is getting through. Not even Neil Cavuto or Glenn Beck.
Nobody can figure out why no one is taking the millions upon millions of calls! What is going on?
Well, I have a friend in the White House, who has told me the answer. In order for the White House to be able to afford all those extravagant parties that Michelle has insisted on, they've cut phone operators out of the budget.. thousands of operators have lost their jobs...including the ones who take calls for Congress. It was hard...but sacrifices had to be made,(Remember, Obama said we'd all have to sacrifice) and the Congressional body decidedly agreed that the first place to cut, was all those pesky citizens telephone calls.
But there is ONE faithful lady still taking calls....
Her REAL name is a matter of national security, so let's just call her...Lily.
Lily: One ringy dingy (snort..gfu)....two ringy dingy...(snort, gfu)
Picks up the phone
Lily" Hello? This is the White House speaking...
Citizen Joe: GOD! I've been calling every day for over two months! What's going on over there? I want to take to my Congressmen...NOW!
Lily: Well sir...what's his name?
Citizen Joe: Harry Reid
Lily: I'm sorry sir, there is no one here by that name...
Citizen Joe: What do you mean!? He's one of the scoundrels trying to shove this health care crap down our backs! What do you mean he is not there!?
Lily: don't have to SHOUT at me sir! I'm assure you he is not here. If he was here I'd put him on the phone for one is here but me....Please hold, I am receiving another call...(presses button)
Hello...this is the White House speaking, may I help you?
President Putin: Yes, this is Vladimir Putin...put me through to the President...Iran has launched Nukes and they are headed your way..
Lily: I'm sorry sir...could you hold please...(presses button) I'm getting another call... ringy dingy...two ringy dingy...three ringy dingy..(snot, laugh) .Hello? This is the White House, May I help you?
Ahmahinajad: yes, you can tell the President that Allah has called on me today to send Satan back to the hole he belongs...
Lily: I'm sorry sir, I do NOT tolerate prank calls...I assure you,Satan is not here...and if he was I'd certainly have a lot to say to him before off..(she presses button)
Lily: Hello, this is the White House Speaking, May I help you?
Citizen Joe: It's me...hey, I pay you salary lady, you kept me waiting for...
Lily: Alright BUSTER...I have had about enough from you...
(the conversation ends...due to huge blast)...silence...
Okay...(Nobody Makes this stuff up,) and would continue to go on with this conversation, but she is starting to believe that there really IS only one person answering the phones in D.C..
After all, if they can pass a law saying you can't ask about a birth certificate, what's a law saying you can't call the White House?
One ringy dingy...two ringy dingy...



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Amfortas refers....:

....Joyanna's many, many readers to his comment appended to the post immediately before this, regarding the Irish.

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