Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nobody Cares: China ended slavery long ago!

Nobody Cares: what a nobody thinks.

Due to the fact that last night, my wussy dog, KOKO, got so scared when it started thundering, I had to take her downstairs to babysit her shaking body, which jumped at every thunderous explosion....of course I got little sleep. So-- there will be no cohesive theme today...just some nobody thoughts.

* My husband announced that today, all the top manager women of his company were called into the main office to be encouraged to start "volunteering" their time into their communities , in the name of They will NOT be paid for this. He works for a big international company. I won't tell you which one, due to the fact that you never know who is watching...but let's just say it's as international as Wal-Mart. Why they called just the women in is anybody guess, but the women are suppose to encourage the "men" to do this too.

So, here's the question: You cannot, in many sections of our nation, graduate from high school without doing your 50 hours or so of community service. How long before every job is only secure by the hours of (unpaid) community service you can prove that you did? And why is no one reporting this?

* I had a stand-up lamp break on me yesterday...up in smoke. So, because it keeps my parakeets warm...I went out looking for a replacement. I paid $30.00 for it, at some Wal-mart store. Determined to find a decent replacement, I searched exactly 13 retail stores, which took me over four hours...for just anything that was in the same price-range. Forget it.

Now, the lamps are being made only to take those new ugly GE light bulbs. I ended up buying a cheap lamp only a 12- year old girl dreaming of Vampires would love...the old one will just have to be fixed.

*While driving around my neighborhood to these stores, I cannot tell you the very sad destruction of the area where I grew up. Huge empty lots where Ford plants once airport with runways ready for the space shuttle, and no traffic but AIR FORCE ONE, and by the way, the President, who was in town yesterday...just HAD to make his running to downtown after his speech in St. Charles, MO, right in the middle of evening rush hour traffic, closing down the whole city for over 2 hours. He could have delayed just an hour and saved a lot of heartache for everyone...but no.

*Lots of teachers are going to be laid off in Kansas City, and lots of schools to be closed. Frankly, I don't feel sorry for them, because, unlike the private sector, they (all of them) will STILL get a paycheck, for not working. I bet some of them are really excited about that, and will be taking trips to Hawaii.

*It was reported that the rich got REALLY rich last year. Buffet put his money in GE, and will soon be the richest man, knocking out everyone...give him a few years. As for the rich, who else thinks like me that there are going to be a only a handful of already rich billionaires who will get money (6 billion to start) to take over NASA? Wouldn't you like to see who's going to profit off that dismantling of one of our most proudest institutions? And will stock be sold? And are any of them on the board of the Federal Reserve? Goldman Sachs? White House?

*Can you tell me why the countries that support Islam, (like Saudi Arabia) are not talked about much? What's worse...Islam or Communism? Shouldn't we be talking more about this girls?

*Which leads me to this absurdity: on my Dave Barry Calendar, on the back of his witty daily an extra...fact or puzzle. On yesterday's page was this fact:

On this date in history....1910, March 10, China ends slavery.

Pass the peanuts.



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