Saturday, March 06, 2010

Nobody's E-Mail

Nobody's E-Mail:
It's Saturday night, and I'm just about as tired as a wormturd. (I just read that word in a Stephen King novel...blame him.)
So, I'm just going to paste up a couple of things that I got in my e-mail bucket of fun.
Yep, that me...expressing how I feel about Obama and his CARE so far, and his joyous fact that we only lost 36, 000 jobs last hour, due to the snow.
In fact, Obama is so concerned about that, he has called for a summit on entrepreneurship....with the Islamic world!!He wants to make sure THEY get jobs!
May a thousand camels barf on his Sunday Lobster Dinner.
(Now, where's that wormturd?)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

Appopos of nothing at all to do with Muslims or O'Bama, I flew over Naples yesterday in my virtual 747 en route from Key West to McDill (nr Tampa). I had actually set off from Miami and flew down the Islands to Key West, rolled along their runway and climed fast heading north.

As I looked down through the clouds I said to my Chief Air Hostess, Miss Wee Cute Bum (she's Eurasian), "That's where the lovely Joyanna came from". I whispered it in her ear as she was sitting on my lap at the time. Her hands were on my joystick while mine were busy giving her professional support. Fine gal she is.

1:01 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

You should have landed that baby, and taken your Wee Cute Bun to the Naples pier for a drink...and then to the local hotel which sits overlooking the harbor boats...


And then "Joy to the World" would have started coming down from the sky...much to your own amazement! You might not have wanted to even get back on the plane!

10:50 AM  
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