Friday, March 05, 2010

Nobody's Absurdities, No. 71: Choose Your Pilot Well

Nobody's Absurdities:
Yesterday, the top story on the FOX evening news---was that some air traffic controller let his kid say some message like-- "Flight 348, you are clear for takeoff." The "controller father" was instantly ostracized and sent to be punished, probably by the CIA, deep in the dungeons of the Chicago Mob offices, under strict military secrecy, and tortured...we will never know.
Why...this was of national security concern! Your government is protecting you from evil-minded parents, who are trying to teach their kids what's it's like to work for a living.
Never mind that our local libraries are promoting "get to know your community workers, comrade children," with cool fliers. The "take your child to work day" has been around for quite some's part of the "get the mommy's out there, agenda....just like the women in Russia, " Introduced, if I remember right, when the Clinton's were in office.
And once upon a time in America... children did work and help their parents. Today, they are just expected to put up their X-Box.
So...did the plane crash?
No, there WAS no national security problem. The pilot laughed. Two (men) adults, knowing exactly what was going on, and seeing absolutely nothing dangerous about it.
But there was a gender problem. If a woman controller had done this very same thing...she would have been praised, probably invited to the White House, and it certainly wouldn't have been used as the top news item of the day to get your mind off of the REAL changes that Obama was doing to our National Security.
It got your mind off the communist coup being done minute by minute---by minute.
The real story's lead last night SHOULD have pointed to the National Security problem, which happened in Chicago. Chicago is growing a whole brand of raciest Muslims right in our mists...(They grew one right into the White House)
Who's to say that these Black Muslims will not want to join with their "brothers" in the East, to take down this raciest and Zionist America? They say it, they preach it...and yet...Obama is looking at our e-mails for "white home- grown terrorists."
You know we're not in Kansas anymore when the conservative FOX News' lead-off story is about some kid saying "you can take off now" on a microphone, instead of the story of over 20,000 black racists gathering storm in Chicago.
So why would they do such nonsense? Because the kid said "Adios" at the end.
This is the way they do social engineering....very...subtle. The merging of America with illegal immigrant slaveocracy from South America is on both parities agenda. We need to merge with save their "jobs." People in America must get used to becoming a bi-lingual country.
No use of a good "subtle example" should be passed up.
On the common sense side of things...let's not forget that there was a young "girl" named Vicki Van Meter, age 11, who actually flew a plane across the United States and also to Scotland, with the help of an instructor.
God forbid we act as adults in this country and teach our children...anything. That's up to the state.
We should be encourage women and kids to be pilots if they want to to fly the world...not women who don scarfs, and follow the path of an ALLAH world,. Woman who will forever be condemned to becoming the slaves of men.
So, are the black racists in Chicago going to make good community workers? Right now, they are working perfectly in their community to further Obama's cause.
Obama, who is piloting this plane to crash in Allah's flames.
We need to grab hold of the controls before it's too late.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas was: Air Traffic Controller for many years. Both of my children spoke to fighter pilots on the radio when they were little. My daughter made her debut when just three.

12:14 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Ah's so GREAT to hear the voice of reason...

I didnt' know that about you Amfortas? Good for YOU!

8:02 PM  

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