Thursday, February 11, 2010

David Brooks: Looking for a Brain

Nobody Wins when your usual Times’s reporter can’t find the time to fix his teeth. David Brooks sits across from Charlie Rose, pontificating about how smart, elite people should really run the world, and oh, by the way, he just happens to be among the ‘smart’. This is why I suppose he can’t find the time to fix his teeth…he’s too busy being “smart.”

I don’t follow this man, but for someone who likes to think he is one of the most intelligent beings on the planet, I say, he might want to worry more about his teeth and less about the operation of the “brain” (His latest book) because in his case, there’s not much hope for the latter.

David has a big, cracked tooth in the front…you know, he looks like that Hillbilly truck driver that the élites like to make fun of. Yeah, take him out of the suit and he looks like an old Tennessee billboard to “Smokin’ Joe’s Barbeque.”

And that’s just a nobody submission.

Here are a few points from his oh- so-nullifying conversation:

1. He just can’t understand what has happened to the popularity of the great Obama? At first he thought those tea party people were “weird wackos” until it was reported that there are more of them, than the Democratic or Republican party…shocking. This HAS to be a problem with the “brain.” (More about this later) So, in order to explain this hard-to-explain phenomenon, he blames Nancy Pelosi.

Obama let the Congress write the Health Care Bill…Obama SHOULD have taken more of a part in it, says David.
(I guess, Obama being on TV everyday saying that it was his wishes that the whole Health Care Bill be pushed through, even though Congress had not even read it---somehow that point missed David’s great, “smart” brain.)

2. David also thinks it’s unfair that Obama is being accused of not “crossing’ the isles. Why, he offered cutting Medicare…My god!…What more do those Republicans want?
(It has yet to dawn on David that one of the complaints of the tea partiers is that exact problem. All their lives, taxes were pulled out of their paychecks, with the promise of it being returned as Medicare in their old age, and now, he wants to cut them off.)

3. David said, “Scott Brown ran as Obama,” that was why he was elected. (Does that mean if Sarah Palin runs as Obama, she will be elected?) He also believes not all is not lost; Obama can win another six years because he is so…wonderful.
(The brain power in this reasoning is overwhelming.)

4. David believes in Hamiltonian government, which he says is really smart people being in charge of everyone’s life and solving all the problems.
(Yes, communism will now be called Hamiltonian. That’s what clever, smart people do. Think up spiffy and clever, smart people spin. Wait for it.)

5. David remarks that Obama’s failure in the first year was that he was understaffed. And he mentions the fact that in years past, more people were educated than now. Now only the great, coastal (people who live on the coasts) smart people are capable of running the world, because don’t you know; only educated people “trust” the government.
(Let’s not tell him why that is.)

6. He has come to the conclusion that the elder people will just have to come to their senses and “give” to the younger generation,
(*Translation: Die off, give up your SS, your Medicare, your homes, so that the young Mexicans can take over and transform the country into the China that Charlie Rose and the globalists want.)

Yes, David was clearly upset. All those dumb people, you know, the vast portion of the dumb, need to be studied because let’s face it---How do we stop the next generation from being so stupid?

So he has been studying the brain, and its formation. Here’s where it gets good.

To enlighten us, David gives this example. ---

If you put a four–year-old in a room with a marshmallow, and tell him he can have two marshmallows if he waits ten minutes, the ones that eat the marshmallow will grow up to be a moron. The kid who holds off eating the marshmallow will grow up to be “educated.”

So, what we need is to train the mothers (no mention of dads) to teach their children—self-control.
(Translation: future feminists need to get their kids used to being controlled.)

Also…future kids need to be taught that someday, all those heavy taxes that are taking out of their paychecks…will pay off.

(Go ahead; if you are NOT a smart elite, you can laugh here.)

Is it any wonder that tea partiers scare this poor man? Sarah Palin is his worse nightmare.

Whenever you see a toothless rich man worried about the dumb people in the country spoiling it for the rich, smart, coastal elites---you have to wonder: Even a really dumb truck driver wiykd fix his teeth if he had the money.

I guess the smart, educated David Brooks, just hasn’t figured that out yet.

He might need a brain transplant for that one.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

I take it, Joy, from that set of observations that you favour the Nature over Nurture side of things - ie, that he is thick rather than agit-propped into a stupor.

Hmmmm. I'm not sure, myself. After all, the 'Education' that the 'elites' (ie again, the lefty-feminazi types) get is pure agitprop rather than fact-finding. A 'position' is taken and by the Lord Harry no other view will be tolerated, not from 'skeptics' and deniers' and other such riff-raff who do not 'believe' in the 'narrative'.

And then there is 'rationality', the solid standby of the wise and the crooks alike. In reporters' case, it is rational to take a political side, as taught by one's professors in the colleges, so as to maximise patronage. The very idea that they might be wrong - or heaven forbid choose the wrong patron - would produce a faint and/or a techicolour yawn from the likes of Professor Nancy Vomit of Harvard who clearly does not hold with the nature arguement.

It would never happen if I were President. I firmly believe in being right about almost everything. Naturally, you have to know a lot, like wot I are.


4:16 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Of course...the elites think they are superior...they never once think that it's because they are well connected by birth.Mummy told them different...

Frankly, I think it's 50/50. Half genetics,half environment..what galls me to no end is the fact that all these elites want to get the babies and brainwash them from a VERY young age.

It has worked before...the powergame of pull up the latter once you reach the top, so no one else can climb up.

Right...self control my arse.

Any guy who judges success by "self-control" never knew Bill Clinton.

And yet, wot you are...we shall try again for your election...

8:53 AM  

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