Thursday, February 04, 2010

Nobody Wins When Rush Limbaugh Attacks The Wrong People

Nobody Wins:

God, I was mad as a hornet at Rush Limbaugh today. I saw him on some TV program talking about all the Independent people---How they just don’t understand what they will do with the country if they continue to walk the Independent way.

Why, why…look what happened with Perot, he says. The ticket was split and then…look what we got---Bill Clinton!

How stupid it was of us to vote for Perot!

Hey, I voted for Perot, twice. Perot was right. NAFTA was a terrible idea, and it did send all the jobs overseas and it did destroy our country. He was right.

But Rush continues to this day to call him a nut.

And I cannot believe that Rush is still putting Independents down. And he does it condescendingly, as if we are all morons. He clearly has not seen the corner he has put himself into. The more he puts Independents down, and berates their intelligence, the more he pushes them away.

Keep it up Rush---Glenn Beck thanks you.

The main argument Rush give for voting Republican is that they are so much better than Democrats, which is true, but….not good enough.

What really hurts is we all love Rush. But, Obama is NOT our dad, and—

Neither is Rush Limbaugh.

Rush is a Republican, right or wrong, till the day he dies, because he believes with all his heart in the Republican Party. We can admire and love him for that.

And yet, he wanted us to vote for Hillary last election---

Go ahead…HOLD YOUR BREATH, and vote for the lady that I trashed for over eight years!

It was like if your father told you to let the neighbor who screwed you out of your house, come and take your car too…it was the same…”the end justified the means,” I guess.
Do what daddy Rush tells you…I know it’s dishonest, but do it.

The guy is losing it. He is desperate. Mockingly dancing to rap songs, and picking black Miss America’s to win votes.

What? Rush is not capable of this kind of thing PR thing? Maybe not, but then again…the timing was sure propitious.

Yes, the big mistake Rush is making, and I don’t think he sees it himself, is that he keeps putting down the American people, who have lived all their lives under one party or another some three decades and now see…that it does not matter who wins the White House, they do not represent the working class people.

We now live in a sort of fascistic oligarchy.

We’d be STUPID to expect it to be any different…especially now when we are on our last breath.
Limbaugh is always saying how much he believes in us…but it seems that is ONLY if we agree with him.

Tell me….why is his attitude any different than Obama’s? Why?

Logically, it’s not.

Rush misses the very essence of what it means to be an American. We want to think for ourselves. We don’t want anyone telling us what to do with our lives. He has said he knows these things about us…BUT, when we do it---think for ourselves based upon what we see and hear…he gets mad!

Can you say…pass the hypocrisy?

Got some real logical persuasion, Rush? Go for it. But remember….while we were being bashed by President Bush, you treated your old friend with kid gloves.

Frankly, I’ll take being called a “tea bagger” over a “vigilante” any day of the week.

You, Rush did NOT stick up for us. You stuck up for your friend. At least that’s how I felt. And I still feel that way. You put your party before country.

And then you wonder why there are so many Independents.

So, since this nobody adores you Rush, and because it’s obvious you’re a great man, with good intentions--- let me give you some nobody advice.

These are desperate times. The last thing we need is you going around bashing MOST Of America.

Most of the tea partiers are sick of both Parties, and it’s your job is to win those conservatives and liberal Independents over to the Republican Party, right?


Get a frigging grip on your emotions, and THINK. Bashing us with your contempt is not going to get you anywhere.

And if you still love this country as much as you say you do, BUT--- you considered the majority of Americans to be…stupid, then, run for president Rush, on the Republican ticket.

Put your convictions where your mouth is.

The Independents would vote for you. This nobody would vote for you.

The truth is, many of us see no Republicans anywhere we can trust, right now. That’s a truth you’ll sooner or later just have to fess up and face.

And as long as you keep putting decent Independent Americans down…I will turn you off…

I consider your contempt for this nobody Independent, and all very fine Independent…fightin'

YES...I will fight you with both hands in front of me, because frankly---I don’t like bullies, and you’re starting to sound like one. (Okay, you have the bigger advantage. because your bigger than me, but I warn you!---I’m feisty!)

Yeah, nobody me! Put em’ up! Untie that other hand from behind your back!

Do you really want to divide the conservative Americans?

Keep it up Rush. ---You’re doing a great job. The Democrats are just loving the fact that you can’t STAND Independents. The more people that don’t vote--the better.

And if America goes down, you certainly did you’re part to help with its final demise.

Nobody Wins when our favorite conservative warrior, loses sight of our founders.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

I did not vote for Perot, of course, as I am a durn furriner but I did have lunch with his running mate the would be Vice President Admiral Jim Stockdale, who was a friend of mine. Jim was a damned fine American, with a similar military pedigree as John McCain, who you might recall came in just ahead of me in the last election.

I do not make this up s I am not really a nobody. Kings generally aren't.

6:43 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Well, what a fine young chapie you are! Of course you are a KING and I'm sure then if you had not been a durn furriner, and a damn good one at that...I'm sure you would have voted the ticket...Clinton and parties forsaken!

Great stories, fine men.

11:17 AM  

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