Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nobody's Perfect: Bamopoly

Nobody's Perfect:

Last week, it was reported, (for the best and most accurate report on this event, see Doug Powers site and achieves) that 'President' Barack Obama didn't find out until it was too late, that his decision to practice his first State-Of-The-Union Speech in front of second graders, was not exactly a smart thing for a sitting President to do.
Simply because, some of the children had no clue who he was.
His reasoning to the man standing on his right, ( a man who many of the kids thought was his butler) was that only the children are worth his attention now, due to the fact that most of the adults in the country are too stupid to want his "hope and change," and if he was to save the galaxy, he would have to start with the very young.

But...as most leaders find out, sometimes even the very smallest kid can ruin your day.

Like little Shanisha Williams. When she saw the strange man standing in front of her she got very scared and called her mother on her cell phone...

"MOM! Hurry, come up to the school fast!"

"Why honey...are you okay?"

"Mom...that guy on Star Trek, you know, the one with the funny ears...Spock...he brought a part of the Enterprise and is right here in our SCHOOL! Hurry! You gotta come get me!'

"Oh sweetie, that' impossible. Even if it was Spock, he's not real...he's an actor."
"No mom, this guy is REAL. He is standing on that platform where they beam people up...and what if he beams us all up!? MOM...I'm scared!"
"Honey, now calm down."
"No mom, there are two big weapons on each side of his head, those are the machines that can make you disappear with their rays! Mom...hurry...come GET ME!!"
"Sweetie...honey....baby...Shanie baby...honey...talk to me...Shanie...Shanie...?"
Well, due to the fact that, only by the swift reporting of many intelligent Internet bloggers, we might never have known about this incident at the school...I felt it only my duty to tell you the rest of the story.
And as for what happened to the little girl...we are still waiting for the answers.
But, since little Shanie was not the only kid frightened by the strange man who was on the platform, it was decided by the principal, in order to help the children all get over the shocking event, to give all the kids the brand new game called BANOPLOY to take home and practice...
So that they too could grow up one day, and scare the next generation!
(Nobody Makes this stuff up)



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