Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Was it the Basketball?

Nobody Reports that witnessed have reported seeing very confused and inebriated "progressive" liberals walking around the streets of Washington D.C. tonight saying...what happened?

Camelot has been put up on the shelf. FINALLY. Scott Brown is the New Senator from Machusetts.

Was it the basketball playing good looking daughter? Was it that hunk of a body in the Centerfold? Was it that chalk crazy-boy FOXY guy Glenn Beck? What happened?

Was it Bill Clinton spending too much time campainging in Hooters? Was it because there ARE no black people in Masheccuyts?

Well, it doesn't matter. Since the real "change" of Obama has been a bit too much to take even for the liberal elite of New England, a man came out of nowhere and grab the momentum of the people. He took a lesson from the tea party and said it was the "people's seat"

And then he said his daughters were available.

I love it. Politicians will sell you anything!

Congratulations to the good people of Massachusetts! Now Martha Coapley can move on to some cushy job promised to her as some ambassador to the Cayman Islands. She really didn't look too upset. In fact, she didn't look upset at all.

This just in: Sarah Palin told the Democrats to scrap their health care system, she is now giving free advice.

Scott very wisely has his mantra--- "We can do better." and is stalking the basketball courts at the White House. There is a miiltary man coming your way Obama...

This nobody bets that by springtime Michelle will be practicing her hoops...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas wonders:

What will you guys do for a health system now? You dropped even further down the charts for health again this year to somewhere around Bosnia circa 1954. American men are now shorter than the men of 17 countries (with the Netherlands at the top) and despite the calumnied British NHS, the English are above the Americans on every health indicator.

American men and women die earlier than almost all other western countries' people.

I don't know the detail of what Obama the Almighty wants but by the Lord Harry almost anything is better than what you have. So many Americans are scared of 'Socialist Medicine', as though anything organised and paid for by a social community like a Nation is somehow 'evil', yet your fire departments are just such taxpayer paid organisations and I don't see them called evil.

Do you get a choice of firemen? Do they ask for your Insurance before rigging the hose pipes to the tenders?

This new guy just elected sounds a good chap. And it seems he is going to vote for more of the same health dross, held to ransom by the Medical Mafia, the HMO plutocrats and thieves and the pharmaceutical cabal of rapacious thugs.

And you guys spend 16 % of GNP on health. That's well above what most everyone else pays. The only people in America who get totally free health care, paid for by the Nation, are the prisoners in Guantanamo Bay. Their health services are better than the Military guards get.

Its nuts.

2:45 AM  

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