Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nobody's Perfect: Harry Reid VS Mark McGuire

Nobody's Perfect:
Who knew Harry Reid has discovered his racial finger?
And who knew that Mark McGuire has been on steroids all these years?
And let's not just stop there: Does anyone know how long Spongebob has been on fluoride?
Yes, this week's Nobody's Perfect award goes to the Senator from Nevada, Harry Reid, and the poster-boy of the most Home-Runs milked by that great home-run 1998 race to save Major League Baseball's Bottom Line, Mark McGuire.
Mark McGuire it seems was just WAITING for the right moment to tell everyone that yes, he cheated. He was on steroids. Sitting in front of Congress, was, just not the right time to admit it, even though he was under oath.
Thanks to Tiger Woods, he couldn't have picked a better moment to upset sports fans. Now all we need is for the NFL to let all it's gay men get married in the locker rooms.
Let's get it all over with...let them all confess.
While I was watching Mark cry on my big screen (very old not-politically-HD-correct-yet) TV... I kept looking at his neck...(What's up with that?)
And then...was he really crying? Was he really sorry? Like a criminal who, when finally caught, were those tears rehearsed?
Did he need to warm-up those tear ducts?
Whatever the reason, for Mark's need to confess...Tony La Russo last couch, Hal Mcrae, left something to be desired---so Mark is an improvement.
And yes, I do agree with Mark when he says that he had the talent to hit the ball..anyway.
We all agree to that. What we don't like is all this lying by simply everyone on our TV sets, who keep telling us they are perfect human beings.
And speaking of lying..Harry Reid, who was quoted this week as saying something he said quite some time ago about Obama could be elected because he's a:
"Light skinned African-American with no Negro dialect, unless he wants to have one."'
You mean to say we Americans will not elect a Negro unless he speaks good English?
This is outrageous...more lies. Good English is not required for a President? Since when?
I say, we now insist that every public building and highway named after Harry Reid and Mark McGuire be taken down and replaced with Spongebob's name. Let's stop naming our streets and schools and buildings after all these liars. After all, it's the American people who are getting soaked.
It's hard to pick which one is more annoying..but let's just say, even though McGuire's story is sad, Harry Reid on the other hand, has damaged more than just sports.
Let's all give him the finger.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

You know, down here where we are all upside down (it's quite a trick getting about I can tell you) we chaps stop playing baseball at around 14 and leave it to the girls. Boys play Rugger (in NSW) and AFL (in Vic)- without armour too I might add. These are Manly sports.

And we don't wear 'knickers' either. Our footy blokes (whatever code) wear shorts, sometimes very tiny and tight to attract the huge female following. Not that the females are huge. Knickers are what you people call panties and I am surprised you let chaps wear them infront of large crowds in public. No wonder they have to take steroids.


4:51 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

HA! Here the ladies love the boys in their tight baseball outfits, which are actaully new every single time they play.

No wonder no one can afford to go see them anymore.

I once had a girlfriend who went quite into erotic fits over men playing Hockey. She'd go to the practices just so she could swoon.

8:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas Says:

Your friend gives a whole new meaning to 'Cum and watch the practice sessions'.

1:58 AM  
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