Thursday, January 07, 2010

Do NOT Miss, History Channel's 2100...

Nobody Reports: If you want to really get a taste of some of the best propaganda scare tactics ever conceived by the global warming the History Channel's...2100. They literally rewrite the history of saying...that every single great civilization on the planet died because..of...get ready...the effects of man abusing the planet.

And the earth, and that includes YOU... is doomed to die. It's very scary this one...a very impressive work of pure brainwashing.

Rome fell because it couldn't feed it's people, the Mayans starved and ate each other due to drought. (So, what excuse did the millions of cannibals in the Congo have?)

And in the future, all those poor Mexicans will be rushing over the US border begging for food and water, and will be shot in cold blood by cruel border patrols.

Whoever wrote this crap should be sent to the nearest Mexican border town for life.

Go ahead. Watch it, then stick your head outside and search for that global heat. It makes Al Gore's movies look tame. You will ALSO find out that John Podesta held a "mock" meetings of the United Nations in 2015, while he was over in Copenhagen not too long ago. And WE all thought it was about today! It was the most pathetic grab of power I've ever seen, next to Obama's speech today.

The History channel...has become your short journey to the Global Twilight Zone. And because, as we have all been witnessing, the beginnings of another ice age, the brainwashing and fear I guess has to be speeded up, before anyone figures out what they are doing.

When you do watch it...please notice...the Chinese are all drinking COKE, which plans to control all water on the planet if at all possible.

Think I'm kidding? I heard the CEO say it myself on Charlie Rose.

God, they show us their plans for us.




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just wanted you to know, Earl Another Punidt passed away Jan 4th. Wife

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