Saturday, January 02, 2010

Nobody Reports: Not Letting a Good Chance to Take Away More Freedoms Pass

Nobody Reports: "President" Obama has JUST come out without his golf shorts to announce his actions to the very dangerous lapse in his really lame attitude toward protecting America...

As his very close advisers have told him time and again: "Do not let a bad thing go without using the moment to take away more freedoms and a chance to spread the wealth around!"

So, Yemen has become the new enemy, and Obama will be sending over help. No doubt we need to build schools there to solve this problem. Somehow cyber-warfare got some big bucks out of this even though it had nothing whatsoever to do with it: government will need to take over the Internet: and TSA will need to be unionized so that when all those TSA men are salivating over busty women at all airports with the new machines---they will not be fired...just moved into the Catholic church.

Fat people, will just stop flying, saving the planet.

Wow, what a great job.



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