Monday, December 21, 2009

Nobody's Perfect: American Reporters

Nobody's Perfect:
The Nobody's Perfect award of the week goes to the 'American Press'...or what's left of it.
The biggest story of the year, just happened...and it was not reported on.
Right in the middle of the biggest world conference on "global warming" ever held in the history of mankind...half of the globe was in complete freeze mode, showing signs that we are all in for the "biggest cooling" every remembered by man.
Hardly a global warming---we are witnessing more like a global freezing, proving just how much of a scam that whole conference of "hot-air multinational buzzards" was.
Sure---we heard about the blizzards coming down in Copenhagen...but what was not reported so much, was that all of Europe has gone into an insidious deep freeze. It's so bad in fact, that the famous Eurostar Trains has left tens of thousands of people stranded due to...
Are you ready? Snowfall.
Over 16,000 breakdowns have been reported on the Eurostar, and many of the homeless are just freezing to death. Some "trainsters" were stranded for over 16 hours without food and water, left to deal with hungry kids, and sleeping on floors.
The Eurostar Trains going to Paris, London, Brussels, and Disneyland were all down. Lots of much needed Christmas "profit" was lost, due to God's Global snow job.
And we aren't the only country in dire need of "profits."
Here in the United States, God was trying to freeze Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid for all of us as the whole Eastern Seaboard was treated with great blizzards. In fact the weather was so dangerous, even on the busiest shopping day of the year, everyone was told to stay home.
But that's NOT what wins the prize. What was NOT reported anywhere on our major news, was that China's trains were also shut down due to the worst snowstorm in 50 years. No one can get to Beijing, or out to Central China.
Those are Chinese up there...waiting to get on the train.
They could be us in several years, if Warren Buffet gets his way.
Yes, the world is so absurd, that even when half the globe goes into a freeze zone, the elites keep insisting that the world is getting hotter, and we are doomed. They cannot make the propaganda movies fast enough.
This nobody suggests that the great global blizzards of 2009 were very much under reported.
But then again, so are Al Gore's cold hearted lies...



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