Thursday, December 10, 2009

Are You Maggots Pulsating with the Other Masses?

Nobody Wins: Dear fellow Maggots:
China, Canada, and John Holden now all say the earth is too full of people. It's disgusting. In fact, to the rich elites, we...the people of the earth...are like...maggots. In fact, John even suggest we are "pulsating."
Now, which of the above pictures best describes, "Pulsating mass of maggots"? Those are the exact words that the elites are using to describe the masses of unwanted people ruining their lovely planet...thereby, making less room for that wonderful new oceanic species of...floating flub to exist.
Or is that actually, Barbara Boxer's floating vagina? I'm not sure.
I love it. James Corsi, one of my favorite fighters for Truth and the American Way, has written an excellent article on WorldNewsDaily about the beliefs of Our Obama King Tut 'I'm the Commander in Nobel Peace Prize Chief's" science advisor...John Holdren.
You see, this guy is right out of some Nazi's playbook. He thinks the main problem with the earth is that there are just too many "maggots" on it, and government needs to limit people to having more than one kid. In fact, he thinks, like the Nazi's, that "undesirables" should not even be allowed to reproduce.
I might agree with him...when it comes to all the undesirables in our government, but judging by the size of the Kennedy and the Bush family alone, it's a little late to prevent them from messing up the planet.
Anyway, here's a few of my favorite quotes from John, and my usual Nobody's Opinion:

"Whenever several persons live together in a small area, rules of behavior are necessary. Just as we have rules designed to keep us from killing one another with our automobiles, so there must be rules that keep us from killing one another with our fluctuating breeding habits and with our lack of attention to the soundness of our individual genetic stock

NOBODY Says: "fluctuating breeding habits? How do you fluctuated your breeding? Is this a new position? Does he mean that you shouldn't "interbreed?" Am I going to kill you with my "fluctuating?" Is this like Black Friday at the mall? Is fluctuating breeding like fluctuating your shopping? That's the trouble with fascist liberal Nazi's, they speak in nano-nonsense.

Also, what does he mean by "individual genetic stock?" That's too scary. This means they will allow only the elites, who are from the rich and famous "individual stock" to breed. The rest of us maggots should just be drowned, much like puppies and kittens.

Here's another one of the great John Holden's remarks:

"if we cared little for human emotions and were willing to introduce a procedure which most of us would consider to be reprehensible in the extreme, all excess children could be disposed of much as excess puppies and kittens are disposed of at the present time."

Nobody says: "Excess children?!"

See, I told ya. If only these elites could just get rid of that "emotion" that you get from having to actually "kill" other people, making a rational decision, that killing many millions of people could actually save the planet,---he'd feel so much better.

Right now, I'm thinking Dick Cheney should be planning a military coup, and get rid of the cockroaches in the White House, starting with one John Holdren.

The bugs are everywhere!

Good wonder Obamatut is giving noble right wing speeches on "war." Just the fact that this guy is a friend of Obama, never mind that he is his 'science" advisor, should prove that Hitler has been reborn...and if getting rid of people is on their minds...

I suggest we all start buying some cows to bury ourselves the maggots that we are.

Or, I have a better idea--- maybe the maggots should just take over the White House.

LONG LIVE THE MAGGOTS! Let's have a maggot revolution! Invite the ladybugs, and some caterpillars, and wasps, and flees, and ticks...some poisonous spiders,...a few snakes...

I'm starting to pulsate!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says: Scarey stuff eh, Joy. What is even more scarey is this fellow is an American and we all know that Americans are the ones breeding like fluctuators. All the other western countries are breeding like hernias.

I have no problem with elites, per se. I am a bit of an elite myself. I think that if you got a few very elite (but really quite charming and erudite) people like me together to runs things (with me, perhaps, in charge) and maybe some not so elite (but very lovely) people like your good self as personal advisors and grape-feeders, I think we could have a very nice world where Love would cease to fluctuate and achieve a steady increase.

Babies would have a very prominent place in my world and I would insist that their interests are protected from the likes of that awful bigotted chap, by having both a Father and a mother for a change.

Indeed, a grandfather too. Like wot my son's expected offsprig will have !

12:54 AM  

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