Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Nobody Reports Global Masks

Nobody Reports: Finally, some action has come out of the billionaires at the Copenhagen meetings on Global warming....
The United States has declared that most abundant gas, carbon monoxide, to be a dangerous pollutant, and to prove that we mean to curb our heavy breathing, we have asked Tiger Woods to try not to have so much sex---
And also, we have agreed to put masks on all the Presidents on Mt. Rushmore, whose large exhales of carbon monoxide has been found to be melting ice caps and send them hurling into the continent of Australia. Sorry about that guys.
These masks will also be an inspiration to a nation of polluters..and "President Obama" hopes this will be the beginning of a global participation in masks, to be worn by all living animals, human and otherwise.
A global mask tax has been suggested to help those who just cannot afford a mask, pay for them.
Anyone who is caught without a mask on will be subject to a heavy fine, and a trial at the global international court of "global warming crimes." Al Gore has personally ordered a criminal court building to be erected, run by solar energy of course, and to be ready by 2010.
The taxes raised from the sales of these masks will more than cover all the carbon footprints caused by the elites this year, and they hope to raise another billion to cover expenses next year...which is rumored to be held again in Copenhagen thanks to the generous contribution of the local prostitutes.
A lot of exhaling will be going this is a step to progress!
It's good to see something coming out of all those great minds, don't you think?
(Nobody makes this stuff up.)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says that Summer is icummin in in Oz, along with 45 deg winds off the Desert so the odd iceberg finding its way here would be welcomed. But I have noticed that Global Warming is a tad arse about face in the US the past day or two, with friggin' snowstorms all over. Wrap up warm Joyanna.

11:20 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's a persistant little bugger with his high yields, isn't he.

1:00 AM  

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