Monday, November 30, 2009

Nobody's Perfect: Tiger Woods

Nobody's Perfect:
Not even Tiger Woods
Perfection reveals itself, when you can say to the world--
"I'm human, and I'm not perfect."
(As I so lovingly remind everyone every Tuesday.)
Yes, the most perfect athletic golfer in the world, Tiger Woods, somehow did not see the tree that jumped out in front of his car-- even though he can see a tiny little round white speck flying through the air at over 200mph.
In fact, Tiger can see not only his golf ball, but the golf balls of the men playing on hole seventeen, while he is teeing off on the ninth hole. He can see a bug crawling on the green in front of the hole before he even tees off.
But---he did not see that lovely girl walking with that Hollywood lawyer.
I say we leave the guy alone...(fat chance that happening) and just admit that it's nice to know, his wife is handy with a golf club too.
This Nobody suggests that the next time Tiger decides to take off at night...he should have NIKE paint and post their NIKE logo's on all the trees around the house...and maybe buy that tree that was hit, and sell the pieces of it on e-bay.
Hey, I'll chip in. (get it...chip in...)
By the looks of that lawyer, Tiger might need some extra cash..
Hey, Tiger's dog loves him...and that's always a good sign.



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