Monday, November 30, 2009

Nobody Muses on Missing Music

Nobody’s Opinion: I don’t know what the matter with me is …I really don’t…but, I think it’s the music--- I miss it.

Everybody should have a big dose of whatever their favorite music is every day. Music is the human’s way of expressing that which even words have trouble doing. Sometimes just a note can resonate a deep feeling. A single note, played in the hands of a Jeff Beck, can take you back to your first love, or a lost one.

The baby boomer’s “sounds of silence” have been transformed into a raucous and meaningless, “I got a big gold necklace and you have a big shaky bootie, and I have a big what you want, baby.” dance rap songs---a far cry from “I Want to Hold Your Hand.” or even, “I’ve Got You, Under My Skin.”

Many of us are just figuring out that very few things are a coincidence. Most “cultural” phenomenons are hashed out in think tanks and introduced into the market for our “control.” Yes--- that even includes our music.

For instance: Rapping is an easy way to get kids to praise Obama, and learn his government lessons of complete mindless obedience to all his “topics” as we all have recently seen. So, it’s no wonder rappers are all over the place.


Do you really think some of these guys, made it to the top by their incredible talent?

Between the internets, talk radio, and cable news channels, most of the news is so horrible I feel like I’m hearing some bad version of Moonlight Sonata being played in the background, over and over again.

I’m beginning to suspect that Beethoven was watching Glenn Beck having conversations with Nostradamus, in-betweens Sonatas.

And when did the music get so….empty? When Michael Jackson died, a lot of us felt like we’d had a bucket of water poured onto our heads….oh yeah…we had forgot all about him…and for good reason.

But…Tom Hanks brought the music back tonight with his HBO special on the 25th Anniversary of the Rock and Roll Hall of fame. Tom wanted to remind us that hey--America did one thing right.

There they were in New York, all the famous musicians of my generation: BB King playing “The Thrill Is Gone” for the 48th trillionth time, and it still sounds like the first.

Crosby, Stills, and Nash putting the sweetest harmonies to Paul Simons’ simple rendition of, “Here Comes the Sun.”

Bonnie Rait, burning our hearts with a love song, like only she can.

Then the masters--- Jeff Beck, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Dion, Smokey, Springsteen, and that ever so silly Ozzie, who can’t make up his mind if he wants to bless you or cuss at you.

Garfunkel was still reaching out to save us all with his “bridge.”

(Somebody throw me a couple of bridges, I could use them.)

My favorite part was when Mick Jagger started dancing and singing rings around that Globalization Whore of Babylon, Bono Bucket. (Okay, I admit. I’m not a big fan.) I once saw Tina Turner due exactly the same thing to Mick.

The man learned.

And in case you haven’t noticed, the talented musicians of the baby boomers generation are suddenly being dusted off and rolled back out into the mainstream. The Beatles have once again “made a comeback” and you can now play them on a video game. I suspect this is a very deliberate attempt on the government to put us baby boomers, who are mad because they are about to be cut short of a decent healthy life, in a better mood.

There are only so many times you can rip people off before they go nuts. Maybe they figure if we sing “She’s Got a Ticket To Die” enough, we will go quietly into the muddy fields of Woodstock, and get lost in the parking lot to Macy’s, and spend a few more bucks before we croak off, clutching our Universal Health Care cards in our bloody texting hands.

What the hell happened to us? The baby boomers---the hippies, the Woodstock generation of Joni Mitchell’s “going back to the garden.”?

Michelle Obama wants to take us all back there, and why? (As if Monsanto would let us…) They want us to remember the hippie philosophy of “do nothing, live on nothing, money is bad, mom and dads are dangerous, and women can do everything a man can, especially earn a paycheck.”--- Good old progressive ways.

The trouble is, my generation was “in” the garden, and most of us were too stupid or too stoned to know it. Now, we are just figuring out, that the “garden” has been hoed and the field is being abandoned.

What we need now is a rousing chorus of “Hold On, I’m Coming.”

As Billy Joel once said, “We didn’t Start the Fire” Good music never dies.

Buddy Holly might be dead, but “When You Wish Upon a Star” is still a big hit in my nobody heart, how about you?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some things just can't be made up. Joy. Like for instance Oz politicians. WE have an opposition leader Abbot (Tony) who has a deputy Bishop (Julie).

It could have been even better if Costello (ex-Treaurer) hadn't quit.

1:26 AM  

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