Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nobody Has E-Mail: Will they Tax Tatoos?

Nobody Gets E-Mail:
It's Saturday night! And of course, upon hearing that our Senate was going to pass the biggest TAX hike in the history of the world with its "Universal Health Care" package, on a weekend before Thanksgiving when everyone is just too busy to pay attention---(so they passed it)--- I thought this fit nicely.
Lenny and Squiggy realized that if they could tax botox, they will tax tatoos. In fact, just about anything that breathes will be taxed.
So, tonight, they went out and got the works.
If YOU didn't get this e-mail then you missed it.
Anyway, here's some thoughts from me...feel free to make up your own.
Number one: Would anyone in their right minds even KISS
these guys?
Number two: Can he pull those knives out and cut his pork chops?
Number three: "Are those just bumps on your head, or are you just
glad to see me?"
Number four: What happens with cell phone reception?
Number five: Do you think you deserve "free" mental health care?
and do you think I should pay for it? Is THAT the plan?
Number six: Do you plan to call your congressmen and tell them you
have found their missing children?
Number seven: If I say that "you're really ugly" will I be arrested for
a hate crime?
Number eight: Have recent news events got you down too?
Number nine: Can you drink and drive without being pulled over?
And if you get in a car accident, will your nose be cut
off? Or are those knives to get you out of your
And Number ten: On behalf of all American Citizens,
would you give the Speaker of the
House, Nancy Pelosi, a visit on our
behalf? Say around...midnight?
Hey, everyone have a nice weekend!
Wait, one more: Can I fry an egg in your earlobe?
Does your neck have real teeth? (somebody stop me!)
Did it dawn on you...that plaid is just not your color?



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