Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Who Wins in the Shorts Contest?

Nobody Cares: Wow...everyone is attacking Sarah Palin right and left...and the biggest complaint is that she dared to wear shorts in posing for this picture...and because she did this horrible thing, then she is obviously simply UNFIT to be President. All the liberal bitches are bitchin', cause of one reason...jealousy. (and fear)

That's a picture of a REAL American woman...Take a good look you liberals!

Gee....mmmm.....can you say...hypocrites?

Remember Kerry's famous tight jump suits shots on the beach? How about all the "Obama being sexy in swimsuit" shots? No one said that Obama couldn't be President because he was trying to get the "sex" vote. Noooooo, everyone just loved the macho shots! He was making woman swoon with his pecks!

And also, they can't stop talking about the BIG deal being put out, that John McCain bought her clothes for the campaign, and how that was such a breach of the taxpayer's money! Well, let's just say...Michelle Obama has 27 people making her look good every day---buying her outfits, and their salaries alone would probably save Detroit.
Frankly, I think the American taxpayer is getting ripped off with Michelle's outfits. That's a K-Mart special if I ever saw one.

Not to mention, when was the last time any of our politicians didn't look like he had on at least a $4,000 suit? And, guess who pays for them? You think THEY pay for their own clothes?
They are suppose to...but, do we actually see the receipts? Nope.

No, nobody seems to care about hypocrisy anymore, and so, I've decided to include this marvelous picture of Barney Frank. I really don't think he should be allowed to wear nail polish,...really, its un-befitting a United States Senator.

And I can guarantee, he charged that hat to "committee" expenses.



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