Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nobody Wins When White Boy Obama Can't Decide

Nobody Wins, when the Commander-in-Chief of a great nation, just can't seem to decide what to do when it comes to the Army, the Navy, the Marines, Afghanistan, Iraq, Cuba, Muslim extremists, blatant attacks on our own soil, date night, Iran, black holes, the deficit, ...or that pesky, cheeky, white boy on the FOX news channel.

The only thing he CAN do is cut in on Glenn Beck's program with photo's of his many travels...for now.

Obama is also having trouble trying to figure out how exactly to not insult the majority of the people in his own country. Dying soldiers are not really a concern of his right now.

Nevertheless, he CAN decide just how much he likes to gas up, (and then BRAG about flying around the world on)--- Air Force One.

Everyone hopes he makes up his mind soon. As we see from this picture, his indecision are causing major concerns.

I suggest we use the old "reverse" psychology. We should all say..."We really don't want to know what you think Mr. President...take you're time, we know you are really inept at anything that requires any real work or relax Mr. President. Just let everyone do whatever they want, and you just go right ahead and play the big man, have some more parties...go play some more golf in your brother...go on, we understand how really tough it is for a white boy. Just leave the country to us."

Yes, let's call him a white boy. That will get him going.

At least that's what women have done for millions of years, when raising kids and men.

Yes, reverse's worth a try.

(Note to amfortas...Have a fun time with that last comment...please!)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daring me, are you Joy? Double daring.

Yep the white half of BO does need to be acknowledged for a change. Mind you, we have a white boy as PM of Oz. Our wizard. Look at his record for decisions.

2 years now and all he has managed to do is turn a National Surplus that was the envy of all the western nations into a massive deficit. It was decisive ! He didn't even consult Parliament about it.

Apart from that he has initiated (another super active word) 144 Inquiries, studies, 'fact-findings', what-have-you, and some of theose are actually enquiries to see how the Inquiries are going.

He acted quickly when he came into power to undo our border security system as his lefty voters thought the Conservative's one was too nasty to illegals, (we have a lot of water to cross to get to us) and now is trying to bribe Indonesia to take the shuttle service of boats from all sides (well not many from Antarctica) for 'fast-track' processing. He has even had an enormous Customs ship acting as a floating hotel and is putting an extra 2000 beds onto Christmas Island for Christmas.

But that's about it. Oh, he did give a bonus to single mothers (they don't have any men to train), prisoners, Aussies living overseas and a whole bunch of dead people so they could buy lots of 48" plasma TVs to boost the economy. Only the single mums bought the TVs here. Pity they were made in China, but you have to take the rough with the smooth in a crisis.

I think the reverse psychology is being used on us. That or Feminist.


6:38 AM  
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