Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Bin Laden...Look in the Mercedes

Nobody Cares:
The Muslims
They hate us. They attacked us. They also have most of our money...and here's a bit of trivia they don't want us to really think about---they have something in common
with the average redneck...
They LOVE to race cars. Expensive ones.
It's a real problem in Dubai. All the teenage boys go drag racing down the streets of Dubai, every single night (something which is not allowed in America any more) and they're not driving Ford pickups.
No, those 16-year-olds get Lamborghini's for their birthdays...are you kidding?
Some of them get more than one.
They have to do something while waiting for all those virgins.
And while most of us are hearing daily that no one can find Osama bin Laden...because he is living in a cave...plugged up to Michael Jackson's old kidney machine...THINK AGAIN! That man has serious money.
He also has Addison Disease! Are you kidding? (As did John Kennedy.) He couldn't even walk to the cave. Do you really think he is suffering in some cave?
No..he is relaxing right this minute in his favorite Mercedes Van office...where he can monitor all his vast terror cells right from the comfort of his lounge chair. He can also make bets on the races, camels or cars, or the Kentucky Derby. He can e-mail Soros and Obama at the same time!
According to one of his wives, Osama used to love to come to the Indy races here in good old USA. (Who knew?) And his favorite car was a Mercedes. (So was my dad's, but the closest he got to one of those was walking past one on the golf course to get to the first tie.)
Do you really think he wouldn't want to drive his gold Mercedes once in a while?
Is Nancy Pelosi still delusional?
Well, check out the picture. Big plans are being made to build a Ferrari park, right there in Saudi Arabia.
Forget Disney World. This will have Ferrari roller coasters, Ferrari furniture, and most likely, lots of camel boys parking multi-million dollar cars...and between the car races, the camels will run.
The Sheiks will be able to party all night long. Wives will not be allowed, but I'm sure there WILL be tents full of....well, lets just say, they are as decadent as the West when it comes to all our other sports.
Like everywhere else in the world---if you got money, you can do what you want.
It will not be built in Dubai, but in some other desert town, (Like Aubia, or mubai, or gobai, or zoobai, or buynbuybluebai) It will be built in some nearby town who want to compete with Dubai...which proves that even Sheiks like competition. Obama is just not giving them much fun right now.
Maybe we should be sending over our best mechanics...
Wait, we are? Oh.
(Like the politicians, Nobody makes SOME of this up...but the Park, the cars---and the American mechanics...they are real. )
UPDATE: Surprise!
The Yankees have just won the World Series AGAIN! In November!
They are going to Ferrari World! They are buying houses in Dubai!
They are taking Kate Hutson falls asleep due to suffering from Addison's disease)



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