Thursday, October 29, 2009


Nobody Wins when our capital is overrun with a giant monster of cockroach proportions.
This happened this morning, on the very steps of our great Capitol, and there was just no stopping the big threat to the city.
It seems that Orkin,(Bug guys) went out of business, because they were just the right size to fail, thereby not getting any stimulus money from Barney Frank, and that's the reason this horrible event happened.
Once again, we repeat; As we see from these pictures, this "huge" bug came out and appeared on the steps of our Capital in Washington D.C. today. The press was not allowed anywhere near the dangerous creature, even though it actually talked and said foul things no one believed or understood. And Orkin was no where to be found, as we have already explained.
The people and press were kept behind ropes for their own protection. Someone actaually saw Michael Moore running down the street. (Okay, so he saw a hot dog cart.)
But it was reported, (by some nobody unrelated to me) that heard above that horrible gigantic bugspeaker's squeeky voice, (who somehow got to a microphone and who some said went by the name of Nancy) was the repeated chant:
So far tonight...because the Daleks were needed back in London, Orkin has been given a quick loan from the Fox News Channel.
Hopefully, this won't happen again.
(Nobody makes this stuff up...except for the part where I said Orkin was out of business. Everyone knows that Orkin, which produces many poisonous chemicals that can destroy man, women, children, dogs, cats, bugs, plants, and tea party people, will always be...too big to fail!)



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