Thursday, October 22, 2009

Volunteer, or No Meds, Grandma?

Nobody Wins:

Volunteering Grandma's Time.

We keep hearing the same old thing...from Obama and his many communistic goons: 'Universal Health Care will not cost us a dime. Obama will find the "savings" to pay for all of him....not a dime.'

Now, logically speaking, with the highest national deficit ever created on the planet, most of us know that Joe Wilson so eloquently put it... lies.

We are so far in debt now that there is no Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, ...we're broke. So, the plan is, get young blood up here working, (Latinos' ) get the old people to die off ...thereby the savings in costly care, and Obama can get his savings for his Unversal Health Care by saving costs that would be spent keeping everyone alive.

He has alredy admitted this.

That system of surviving the tax losses from the quicker demise of the older generation is working pretty well all over the world, and it's now coming here.

When we all figured out their plan, and went to tea parties, they cleverly had some democratic politician appear on the floor of Congress and declare that was the Republicans that want you to die, not us!

Does it matter?

But, that would be "genocide" so...they have to do this just right. There will be some people who will, despite everything, just not not die, but will need medications.

That's not good. So, we need to do something with these people, they figure.

What if...the old people, in order to get the medications that they need to keep alive, and didn't have money to pay for...what if the only way they could get those medications, is that they would have to "volunteer" their time to tutoring or order to receive the drugs? That would fix the problem!

Nah...that won't happen you say? Well, they are already offering this, "if you want to go to college, you must serve the state"--- right? It's just one step further.

And the propaganda to prepare for it is already out.

This morning, my husband, who never talks unless he just has to, told me about a Medicare commercial he had seen. An old lady was teaching a class of lst graders, ballet. She says right off that she was "volunteering" her time teaching kids to dance, and then, the ad went on about her pill program with Medicaid.

Clever. She mentions she is volunteering...she needs medications. It's pretty obvious the exercise in mind-control here.

Last night, as I was standing in line at my local Walgreens Drug Store. I saw this flyer, a flyer asking for volunteers. (the one above) What I thought was funny about this is that this place is so far away that it would take you an hour to get there, and at least a tank of gas.

I looked up the organization, Urban Future...a think tank which is in every city, and found this quote:

"Our staffers function more like beat reporters going out into the field to observe..."

Really, I thought this was about mentoring?

t's function: get citizens to spy, and then report back to the "think tank." So the "think tank" can gather more information for their "social engineering" plans.

Many of the older citizens cannot retire now, because of what happened to their "retirement funds' but then, they could still work, and get paid.

But, that's not what they want. They need to save their big cushy jobs.

if some of these old suckers are not going to die, the state might as well use them.

You know, the Japanese are sending their old off to Islands in Asia. If Obama wants to send me off to Hawaii, and provide food, medical care, and a really nice house...I'm all for it.

What do you think? I'll volunteer to teach swimming to the local kids...once a week...just like the flyer says. I'll even teach them about communism for free!

Then live to the age of 111 just to torture them.

Hey, I know being a tyrant and figuring out ways to kill people off to save your cushy job is hard...but really, if you don't think they can MAKE you volunteer your might want to find an island, and mentor your plants.

I'm just saying.



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