Thursday, October 15, 2009

How to Focus on How to Focus

Nobody Cares:

Focus. Focus. Focus.

That’s what the book I’m reading says to do---when you’re trying to write a column, stick to one subject: do not pass go, do not recollect or go sideways, or go drifting to the left, to the right---much like the balloon that free-floated all day, followed by every single news and cable channel---a young boy’s life was in danger! He could fall out and splat on the ground! (sigh)

My brain has been floating all day. I kept waiting for the big splat.

It never came.

As Neil Cavuto said today… all the stuff we should be paying attention to; the war, the economy, the Congress, Obama…they didn’t matter. The nation was focused on one little boy.

How easy it is to manipulate us.

So, I’m feeling guilty and stupid tonight, because all day long, I just couldn’t focus. I felt like I was being bombarded by a hailstorm of hundreds of rock-hard brain-farts, (There’s a word you don’t hear a girl use too much, so I used it….wait, I could write a blog on brain-fart and other non-girlie words!) …Focus Joyanna!

..and there I was, dodging a hailstorm of distraction bombs, and too far away from a roof.

I searched all day for something to write…but I just couldn’t focus.

At 10 a.m. the History Channel showed a special on FDR. He was NOT having sex at the end of his life, they said, (oh sure) and his “nurse’s” notes were not found for over fifty years after his death. (Gee, they were under her mattress. Nobody cleaned the bed?) There were interviews by former bodyguards who said that FDR was on his death bed when he ran for his fourth reelection, and how much pain and trouble it took for a whole bunch of people to hide the fact, that the populous was electing a man who couldn’t even think straight for more than 20 minutes at a time. He couldn’t focus, not at all. On D-Day, he was probably going for a buggy ride. But the excuse was: the country needed him.

So who WAS running the country? They didn’t say.

History rewritten with clever editing, I love it.

Right after FDR, they put on special about President Lincoln. I was thinking, should I write about this? How the History Channel’s itinerary seems to be programmed to help Obama’s flailing image? Remember when Obama was on Time Magazine as FDR, and then his coming-out grand entrance speech in Lincoln’s hometown of Springfield?

Focus…who cares? Lame. You don’t want to write about that, I told myself.

And then there’s the trashing of Rush Limbaugh. Had that been a clever set-up? If Soros was a partner…and this fact had been hidden from Rush, then this was a clever and nasty trick. The bait was put before him, just so they could march out all the race baiters to attack him as a raciest, putting everyone talking again about race…getting the whites and blacks tribal again, and hitting Rush, which they will continue to do until he caves.

But he will never cave, so we all have to witness their malicious intentions, forever.


On Charlie Rose, there was an economist who answered Charlie Rose’s growing concern about their well planned “New Order.” Was it going to be seen as a good thing to history, Charlie asked? The economist assured Charlie that history will not look at all those people in America losing their homes and jobs, (that’s just so minor) but at what a wonderful thing it did for China, bringing millions of Chinese people into the middle class!

Focus….well, there, I could write about the obvious. America is expendable and it’s all about our big companies getting into the huge markets overseas. (With the help of politicians who get a kickback from it all.) But who cares? Everything on the news is still local. Most do not yet see that “globalization” is the holy word of the ‘new order.’

New World Order is now just “World Order.” Don’t ya love it?

And speaking of that, how about Ted Turner wanting to take over CNN and the Cartoon network because he wants more stories and news about China? And he wants Planet Man, instead of Superman? That story gets me almost too mad.

I’d focus alright…but you couldn’t post it.

As the day went on, Glenn Beck, was crying. Well, of course he was. We have full fledged communists in the White House who admire Mao, Castro, Chavez, socialism, communism,…tyranny. Can we stop it? (sigh)

How about the e-mails I get asking for money to help stop Obama from wanting to control the internet---Tea party people will not be ALLOWED to even get together.

Focus, what was that word again? Oh…yeah…pay attention!

As the day went by, it got worse.

I was thinking about my local pools, and how they are being all built for the children, no big swimming pool for adults to swim in. You really want to swim? You have to pay a lot of money for the theme parks, and you will be dodging hundreds of bodies.

My local community pools have slides and kiddy pools---none of it over four feet. It’s the latest thing.

And right when the aging population who would love to actually swim a lap in a good size pool…well, forget it. You must be able to afford to pay for an hour at your local YMCA, and it’s not cheap.

And speaking of swimming…you see an awful lot of black kids that can’t swim. Their parents, due to years of conditioning that white people don’t want them in their pools, (and long ago, and even today, some still don’t) the parents don’t know how, so the kids don’t ever learn. It’s a shame.

Focus…too many subjects, not enough time. Where did I see that FBI director…what channel? He said that the administration is attacking us all, like a typical terrorist attack. Speed, and surprise…well its working very well with me today.

Not that it matters.

How about writing on my latest library visit?

There is a high school across the street, which had, four fire engines putting out fires in the front of the school, which was NOT reporting on the local news…anyway the library changed. (SEE WHAT I MEAN? No focus.) It’s become the new “black” library. Two whole sections are now devoted to thousands of books on nothing but sports…and then one big section on Obama, and black history. Not a conservative book to be seen anywhere, and one tiny shelf of the classics. Just one. You see, our high school is sixty-percent black. Keep them dumb is still the motto.

Focus Joyanna…God. You’re like FDR…wandering. (Wait…I can still walk!)

I gave up trying to focus around about 3p.m.. I danced for a half an hour, and no, it wasn’t to Beyonnce.(bouncy) It was to Tom Jones rendition of “Kiss.” I picture him standing in my room and I dance around him…its pretty fun.

I played Beethoven: On my piano, I played and sang, Yankee Doodle Dandy, and You’re a Grand Old Flag, so slowly, Glenn would have cried.

To the tune of “Over There” I sang…as loud as I could…”The Truth is coming! The truth is coming, and you’ll be sorry so BEWARE!!” I pepped it up for the big bang ending.

Luckily, the neighbors couldn’t hear me.

So, I wasted my day. Sue me.

But, here’s something I do know, and I say it with a laser-like focus:

The elite people that are raging this war against America---The “new order globalists” do not WANT us to focus. So, they overload us as fast as they can, with one flash story after another, each one driving home the fact that you just can’t hit that many balls at one time. They are pitching catastrophes so fast…you end up…doing nothing at all.

They hope.

Okay…now I’m focused. It’s…

That story about the boy in the balloon…was all rigged. Once I heard that the family had been on several TV shows already, there was no doubt that it was done as a publicity stunt, to get the family on some reality TV show, for money.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the story was concocted by the White House to keep our minds off of the secret meetings about Health Care and the War, and Obama flying all over the country…again….

But it sure was a great distraction, wasn’t it?

So, how do I stay focused tomorrow?

Quit eating so much Gingo? Knock off the caffeine? Try to fight the hopelessness?

Just don’t get up?

Enough…I can’t even focus on how to focus.

But there is good news! I’m now focusing on bedtime.

I’m pretty good at that. I’ve got that one down.



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