Saturday, October 17, 2009

Nobody's Favorite E-Mail: Black Jack Pershing

Nobody's Favorite E-Mail: The Pershing Effect....
It's a Saturday night, I'm watching baseball on middle of October, the top of the 12th at Yankee Stadium in the playoffs...Yankees pitchers have been almost perfect, and LA has keep's tied 3/3. It's pouring, miserably cold, and the people are starting to leave. They are playing "Rocky" over the loudspeakers...
God...I'm still in America!
It doesn't get much better than this. (Well, unless you're there, obviously.)
And so, for some reason, I think this e-mail is my favorite tonight..., when the country has such a weak President, we must remember, who we are...Hope it's not too small for you to see.
I love the pig idea. Maybe if they just spread some pig blood around the Iraq and Afghanistan, or drop pig blood from drones...they just wouldn't come out of their caves...what do ya think?
(This is the reason I would make a terrible general, but I certainly would be a better commander in chief than the current one. So would about 50 million other people.)
OOOOOOO..we are going to the bottom of the's Miller time.
Wait, I don't drink. But I CAN eat peanuts.
I gotta go, I'm getting peanut shells all over my computer...have a good Sunday!



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