Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An Army of ...Troops

Nobody Knows: ---Just why 'President' Obama is stalling on sending more troops to Afghanistan, when every day that he delays, the more soldiers lives are sacrifice...
Yes American lives are being lost because Obama is pussyfooting around, waiting for HIS guy in Afghanistan to get put in power...whoever that is.
He can't decide what to do until there are new elections. They need to have another corrupt election like the first. (First rule of Lawyers....stall.)
The Pentagon in the meantime, calls for 40,000 more "troops."
Here's what I want to know. Ever since Clinton taught us that the word "is" has endless possibilities, nobody knows when exactly at what moment in time did just one soldier became a "troop". Was it when we became an army of "one?"
Maybe Obama like me, thinks the word troop means, as it does in most dictionaries, "a body of soldiers." And therefore 40,000 troops is really 12 million men, minus Barney Frank.
Whatever he believes, he is obviously more concerned of his war on the American insurance companies who are "pulling out their big guns."
And that's a direct quote. "BIG GUNS? Insurance companies?"
Yes, Obama is at war with Americans, especially anyone who refuses to want his government run Heath Care. The real soldiers will just have to wait.
So, when we get our troops together to fight a tyrant, I suggest we go with the first definition of troops.
Then our "troops" will outnumber his.



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