Monday, October 26, 2009

Nobody's Perfect: Jay Leno

Nobody's Perfect: When Jay Leno was picked over David Letterman to replace Johnny Carson on the Tonight's Show, it was a major surprise to most of the country.

For many years, Mr. Letterman held the ratings war. He was my favorite for many years, mostly because he made my middle-age son laugh so hard, and it was something we could watch together. He was at the top of his game.

But then, one night, Hillary Clinton appeared for the first time on his show, during her Senatorial run, and the very next day, David Letterman suffered a major heart attack. When he came back, he used his show to attack conservatives, and became...well, in some cases, just downright mean.

He just wasn't funny anymore.

That was all Jay needed to gain support. He told jokes about both parties, and continued to get rich, which increased his "car" collection. He had the Tonight Show's great stage, time slot, and followed it's successful format.

So, why is Leno's new show doing so badly in the polls right now? Well, it's not just that he looks like he never even combs his hair, or the fact that the new look of sloppy couch chairs is not really appealing...and his interviewing of famous people on a big TV screen is sometimes, boring..

It's what he is doing with FORD. The first time any of us saw his idea that all his guest would drive around the new electric or (hybrid) cars and he was going to try and make it entertaining...well, many of us were just downright insulted.

Why? Because it's common knowledge that Leno has one of the most fabulous collection of gas guzzlers on the planet. If there is any man on the planet who should be against forcing people to drive tiny electric cars, it should be Jay.

That whole segment is an advertisement for the New Global Green Cars Movement. And while he will use his show as blatant advertising for mass cultural brain washing..he himself (like most elites) will continue to be seen driving around in one of his many beautiful gas guzzlers.

So, he's not perfect. He has a very expensive habit, and like Bob Dylan says, "everyone's gotta serve somebody"

But I have a suggestion. If Jay would bring just one of his cars from his private collecton a night, to drive or RACE that really silly car he has everyone getting into...his ratings would soar.

He might even save NBC!

Okay, maybe not.



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