Friday, October 23, 2009


Nobody’s Fool: How many times have you wondered about something, knowing in your gut, that something just doesn’t quite add up…but you just can’t put your finger on it. That’s how I felt today when I was thinking about the ‘President’ getting tough and taking over executive pay…No more bonuses for those greedy CEOs!

Obama could have prevented that problem if he had demanded that the CEO’s couldn’t take bonuses out of the TARP money in the first place, so it really is his fault. (And his predecessor)

Or was that the plan?-- Make some villains?

Wiseguy Obama says they can keep their bonuses…but next time, he will get them. Now, he has a CZAR that will tell everyone what they can make. And he’s JEWISH!

What a hypocrite. No wonder Castro loves the guy.

Yes, I was thinking back--- just what were the odds that every single CEO in the history of every single American bank that got that Tarp bailout money, put their hands in that pot and pulled out as much as they could carry to their off-shore bank accounts.

Every single one. Maybe there was one honest one in the bunch, but still, think about it. It all happened much too easily. I tend to think that, statistically speaking, the odds of a few putting up a fight would have been much more…believably.

Remember the steps: President Bush came out of absolutely nowhere and said; I have to save the world, it’s going to collapse, therefore, you the taxpayer are going to give billions to our banks so we can save you.

Within days, this invisible threat that most of us couldn’t even see, is solved.

And then, the “greedy” CEO’s take so many millions in bonuses that no one in America can believe their gall! Millions that they did not deserve---in fact they took so much money, none of them will ever have to work again in their lifetimes. (Nor their children) And it was given to them by a government that made sure no questions were asked about how they were to use the money.

That’s the give-away right there:this coup, was planned.

All the CEO had to do was fill out a simple two-page form…that’s it. Here you are sir; how many billions would you like?

And just one man is given the power to do it? Was there a big Congressional hearing?


Did they use the money to “save” the country?


Some of them get new offices, new jets, and expensive vacation homes.

Fact: 67% of this money went to the top big eight…like AIG, Bank of America, and Goldman Sachs, the same big eight that Obama is now going to cut their salaries.

THEN…while everyone is outraged about how the “greedy” CEO’s, (How dare they take that money!) NO one says much about the corrupt politicians that just gave it all to them, without any strings attached.

The fact that the government caused the problem in the first place is really not mentioned. (Gee, I seem to remember a savings and loan operation where the Bush family was involved…in the 1980’s don’t you? How much did we pay for that?)

The next step; Focus everyone on that nasty thing called…capitalism, and those greedy evil CEO’s. Saturate the news, the schools, and the blogs with it.

Michael Moore makes a movie, expressing our outrage, and the answer is: socialism or merging with Cuba…or Mao…well capitalism is just plain nasty, anything is better!

Create the problem, and now, the solution--- a mixture of communism/corporatism/ fascism of have, and have-nots, in other words…

China II.

America the beautiful…gutted like a pig.

Take over the banks, the companies, and set the stage for the new revolution, of…whatever they want to call it…they will save you.

That’s how the communist have taken over countries for eons. Mao, in fact, studied how to start a communist revolution, learned how to do it…in Russia, and was sent out as the agent of ‘change.'

The same thing happened in Cuba…pretty much.

Was this all planned?

The more I think about it: the more it obvious it is to me that the answer is: yes.
Remember when President Bush said, ‘I have to get rid of capitalism in order to save it.’ ?

What? Save it for WHOM?

It seems pretty simple. There have been meetings, deals, and plans put in place. When Michelle said Obama was going to “Completely rewrite our culture, history and get full, “change?”

We now know she meant…communism.

That fact just hasn’t hit Americans yet…but it will…it will.

In the end, those big eight companies will make more money than they ever could in a Republic, and their CEO’s will be living in China.

I hope they all drown in Kung-Fu Panda.



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