Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nobody Flashes: We Are Now...Safe.

Nobody Flashes!

This is my 1,111 post! Well, not on Townhall, but on Blogger.

Yes, I'm tired after all this writing. (That's me, in Christian Communist Dior)
Those of you who read any of my earlier stuff, know I have a great affection for the numbers, 111, or 11, or 1.11...222 is okay also, but it can either kill you, or make you a millionaire, I haven't figured that one out yet. I'll get back to ya.

And even though the news today was dire that our President declared a national state of emergency...

Most of us are relaxing tonight. Or watching sports on TV. Waiting to be attacked just as soon as it's possible. Right now, I think I see the virus trying to get into my back door...but, I'm ready. I have WASP spray, right by the latch.

I couldn't remember, (because as you see, I'm just so tired) if President Bush declared a national state of emergency after 9/11...I do remember him grounding all planes that did not have Saudis in them...
Gosh, our Presidents are just so...great.
Our President, Obama, can now declare himself dictator and control simply just minutes..including calling out the National Guard if those lines at Wal-Mart for free flu shots get out of line, and take them all to a "safe" place. We all saw what happened in Detroit.
I saw some pretty vicious mothers standing in lines could get really bad. But---at least we have a commander-in-chief who makes quick decision when it comes to protecting American lives.'s Saturday night and I must leave you with the Nobody e-mail of the week, and since I'm half about just a joke? Well, I think it's a joke. My neighbor on the other hand, just bought one.

Made in Germany--Batteries not included.
I don't know what's it's called, but I suggest "spread you legs" in German. That way, all the guys can demand action.
Due to the H1N1 flu virus being everywhere...don't forget to wash your hands before you get in it. And be sure and honk that horn. If fact, you might want to do that first.

Yes, I'll go to bed now. Really, I'm okay. Really.



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