Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nobody Cares: Barbie-cue

Nobody Cares: Al Gore said recently that the world had only 40 days before it would be too late to save it from mass global destruction.

We also know that we have just a little over a month to save our Constitution, when Obama signs over our sovereignty to the United Nations forever.

Barbie has only a few minutes before Ken comes and saves her from the wicked trolls of environmental wackos who are mad at her for using too much energy.

Will she escape to get a new politically correct girlfriend another day?
Will the world end this year?
Will our current national 'emergency' continue until the next election?
Will the United States end with Obama?
Will the people of the world continue to bow down to tyrannical nut jobs?
Will they REALLY take away our hamburgers?
Will our next President be a transvestite?
Will Barney Frank ever stop being such a moron?
Will Brad Pitt stop driving motorcycles and take up roller skating?
Will Thomas Sowell decide that the only way to save our country is for him to give up his life, and run for President?

How the hell should I know.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The next President a transvestite?

By the Lord Harry, Joyanna, what have you heard? Is it Hilary and her pants-suits? Very Dyke if you ask me, but I have to admit it can be quite fashionable when well tailored. Or are you people going even further Black and thinking of Archbishop Desmond Tutu? It could reassure a lot of people about the Muslim question, but let's face the lexical facts here: it is just a play on words.

No. Come clean and tell us what you know. Its a chap with a penchant for frocks and micromesh stretch underwear, isn't it. Give us a hint. Chest size say. Are we looking for a 40DD or some slimline 34B. The romans didn't trust thin politicians, I understand.

Will he bring back fluffy chiffon petticoats? I rather liked those.

7:19 AM  

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