Sunday, November 01, 2009

Have YOU Got an Epoch in your Pocket?

Nobody’s Opinion:

“The people should never rise without doing some thing to be remembered---something notable. And striking. This Destruction of the Tea is so bold, so daring, so firm, intrepid and inflexible, and it must have so important Consequences, and so lasting, that I can’t but consider it as an Epocha in History. Will they punish Us? How? By quartering Troops upon Us? By laying on more duties? By restraining our Trade? By Sacrifice of Individuals, or how?”---

---John Adams, comments on first Tea Party.

The American people are fed up, with both parties---it’s no secret. And make no mistake, our government knows it.

So, what ARE we going to do about it?

I was watching Rush Limbaugh on Fox this weekend, and he is clearly upset about the country, as we all are. But, somehow, Rush thinks, if we could just go back to the old Republican Party, then all will be well again---that is, if Obama doesn’t destroy the country first.

When asked how the Republican Party got so messed up, he wouldn’t go there. He refused to blame it on x-President George W. Bush. And Rush refuses to see George W. as what he is: a world government proponent like his father.

I’m sure Rush protects him because he believes in his heart that Bush is a good guy. Even John Adams liked King George when he finally met him….but, come on. You can be a good guy and STILL ruin nations.

Just this weekend, Daddy Bush celebrated the falling of the Berlin Wall with Gorbachev at his side. He took the glory of the historical moment of the wall falling…away from Reagan, Wilson, and anyone else, and gave it to the people. Daddy Bush also expressed how wonderful the world would be if we all just got unified, like the European Union.

Right, put your hands into the unelected globalists.

Daddy Bush is a one-world-government globalist---so is his son, as we saw by his immigration policies, and the bail-outs. Daddy Bush would like nothing more than a well mannered revolution of the people to be guided by his son Jeb. (I feel like I’m the ping-pong ball in a game of smash, from one globalist to the next.)

Rush also likes Sarah Palin. I don’t know about you, but I was so sure George W. Jr. was going to be the guy to put America back on the track, but look what he did. If Sarah ran on a republican ticket, I wouldn’t trust her either; sorry Rush. President George W. Bush really ruined our trust forever in the GOP.

I love Rush. I really do. But, what happens if the FCC throws him off the air? What then? Will he be left like Terry Schiavo was…out to starve in the no-oxygen zone? It could very easily happen. Every Bush could have saved that girl, but there was an agenda, an universal...agenda.

Will he get it then?

The truth is plain. The regular folks of the United States have no representation, and our Constitution is just a piece of paper that is given lip service whenever they are trying to blow us over. King Obama, as he has said, wants to get rid of it…and he will.

Our Constitution would work, if our leaders would obey it. But they have rigged the game. They are all above the law. And very soon, we will be held to the most egregious take-over of our lives that our country has ever known. Communism wrapped in a black flag of "change."

Take this HlNI nonsense, every minute of the day, updates--- its ridiculous.

Is this all about the government brainwashing the masses about how much they care about us all? Today, I even heard discussions about putting the fear into people that if they got the flu, they could be fired.

FIRED! For being sick! Good god.

Or is there something maybe more insidious in that vaccine? Nano-technology? I saw drones in the sky at the St. Louis tea party. They can seed clouds…they control the weather; we have all witnessed their words and their crimes. I wouldn’t be surprised.

Even Rush sees that we are near the very threat of total collapse of freedom.

In 1776, the good people of this country did every thing they could to go along with the Britain’s rule.

Like them, we don't want to upset the cart. We obey Glenn Beck, and march peacefully, put up with insults, taxes, and watched our kids being brainwashed, and our liberties disappear.

Waiting…waiting…waiting for the GOP to save us.

We are being told to make way for the young…why? We are living NOW! Every life has the right to the pursuit of happiness and liberty…even at 90.

How dare they tell us that crap?

John Adams was right. An historical event of epoch proportions is needed. Something “Striking.”

What do we do? We can’t have guns, as Glenn Beck said…they will come in with tanks.

But we are NOT powerless.

We are being told to rebel, but don’t do anything rash. Well, we’re all complaining-How’s that working for us?

What good is our Constitution, if every politician can completely ignore it and do what the hell they want? They never go to jail. They take our money and just blow it away, trillions…on other nations, their friends, ---themselves.

Oh…but they talk a good talk, don’t they? And now…they threaten our very jobs, lives, and liberties. Our founders are going "WAKE UP...DO SOMETHING!!"

I’m tired of rich snobby elites ruining my life, my future, and my fortunes. (Okay, I have no fortune, but…it sounds very Adamses)

Aren’t you?

John is right. What we need is an Epocha that will reverberate around the world. Maybe we should all dress up as communists and burn communist flags. I don’t know.

We need something so…cleverly brilliant that everyone will imitate it…and go…

Good for the Americans, if they can do it…so can we.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

This ancestor of yours, Joy. This Adams chappie. I don't want to cast apsperatives and I can understand you having some affection for his old bones, him being passed down to you in curley proteins and all. But....

Americans - the original colonial folk - really dropped the ball with all their revolutionary talk back in 1776. What the heck did they add to their tea, I often wonder. Too much moonshine, I imagine.

They could have inherited a nice tidy world mostly speaking English - which is what they were until they had that fit - and a Commonwealth of fairly peaceable nations under one Queen. They were the natural heirs, the favoured child, of Old Blighty.

Instead they kicked their parents out and stole all the furniture. What sort of example is that? No wonder there is so much strife in the world and complaint of One World Order, which let's be honest, they would not be complaining about if America was in charge of it.

Yep, even old grand-dad Adams needed to clean his glasses. His vision of the future was well off.

12:28 AM  
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