Thursday, November 05, 2009

How Lucky Can You Get?

Me; Listening to Obama's Speech after the shooting.

Nobody Wins:

How lucky can you get?

This was the weekend for America’s final takeover. It was to be the most important event in the history of the United States. The two weapons being delivered in our mists were hidden in the guise of Universal Health Care and Cap and Trade bills. Trojan horses filed with freedom destroying mandates.

Carefully done to “help” and “change” us all, spreading our wealth around the world, and putting all middle-class citizens into a living nightmare.

A last minute group of patriots surged the Congress today, to protest, the loss of their freedoms and country… god bless em.

But how lucky can you get? The first reports of protests that get shown all over the world, are…(surprise!) …a very well placed protest in the office of Senator Lieberman, who, by the way, is the only Democrat (Independent) that is appalled by Obama’s plans. They got kicked out while begging that the poor people of the United States get the Universal Health Care they deserve.

Lucky? Or perfectly staged?

In the meantime, while everyone’s eyes are on the fight for Universal Health Care, Obama decides to shut down Yucca Mountain, pretty much killing the use of nuclear power in our country for the future, which will further enrich Al Gore’s pocket book. Now, no one knows where to put our nuclear waste.

I suggest Al Gore’s back yard, but that’s me.

Al Gore in the meantime goes on a big media blitz to promote his, “Chicken Gore states the Sky is falling and so give him your money and your life---road trip to hell.” He’s written another book called, “Our Choice,” which really means: “I decided to get rich off all you stupid people, and I’m starting with letting Jeffery Immelt put all those white rednecks in the flyover worthless country called the Midwest, with our new, socially, slave driving, new electric power grids, of which I own the major stocks.”

Luckily, it’s being released right before the Copenhagen Climate Czars signing.

But the best luck came today.

For the last few weeks, Glenn Beck has been revealing the most damaging information ever reported about any living President. He proved that Obama is surrounded by black racists, Muslims, and people who are devoted followers of Marx, Mao, Che, and Union parties on State Street.

Yesterday, Glenn suffered an appendix burst and can’t make it to his show. The very week-end we need him.

What a lucky break!

Judge Napolitano, took over Glenn’s show (I just love that guy!) and was outstanding. We learn the horrible information that the death panels were put in with the recently passed Stimulus bill, already!

No wonder they are not afraid. That was very clever, wasn’t it?

Still…the naked Obama was being shown for all his…naked intentions, and he is at war. Make no mistake.

Suddenly, a story of truly stupendous proportions got the media’s off the horrors of D.C. and down to Texas. A gunman goes nuts…12 are killed and 41 injured in Fort Hood.

Not since Michael Jackson died has such a story taken over at such a propitious moment for the Democrats.

The Glenn Beck Show, got thrown off the air by the news. Lucky, again!

The killer was shot and killed. Six hours later…he is alive! (I guess Nancy needed more time.)

Malik Nadal Hasan, the man who alone (even though two others were arrested) shot over 43 people, a remarkable feat not seen since Rambo.

He was an army psychiatrist working with soldiers who were coming back from Iraq. Basically, he was a jihadist.

How in the world did the army miss this?

Well, if you have a President who hates his country as much as Obama has shown, a man who sympathizes more with Muslims over real Americans---a fanatical Muslim jihadist being a psychiatrist mentoring soldiers from Iraq, is just par for the course.

This story will be on the news for days. Obama’s agenda will go through, and the world will suffer tremendously.

And at the Glenn Beck hour, our 'President’ gave a response. He spoke at first of health care, and was joking and laughing! He was in no shock or mourning at all. When he finally acknowledges the event, he just read the words given to him.

He wasn’t exactly sitting in front of a bunch of kids.

It was as if he was almost proud…that the American military had suffered such a blow, because he said:

“It’s bad enough that we lose lives overseas, but horrifying that they should lose their lives at an army base in the US.”

Think about that statement.

Reminding the world that America is so vulnerable (how embarrassing) that they couldn’t even protect themselves from one Muslim in the middle of the biggest military camp on its own soil…I couldn’t believe it!

Any President would know how much of a victory the jihadists all over the world would take his statement, and that’s why he said it.

I think Obama is just a little too lucky if you ask me…NO one is that lucky.

We had a mole in the Army. We have a mole in the White House. And it’s going to be the death of us.

Obama, just made his biggest mistake, lucky for us... I don't think he knows it.



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