Friday, November 06, 2009

Nobody Flashes: A Moment, A Rainbow...A Sorrow

Nobody Flashes: I won't even pretend to write tonight. All I can think about is that, somewhere, great despair and pain is being felt, by the parents and families of those brave soldiers that were slaughtered yesterday, in the one place they should have felt safe.


There was no reason in the world that these fine young souls should have been killed just because of our "political" correctness. For too many years our fine young soldiers have given their lives for truth and honor, only to be spit on by the very bureaucracy that asks them to give their lives, so that they can keep ruling.

And for too many years, our leaders have sacrificed them like lambs.

I went on my usual walk around the block tonight, and as some of you may know, I have written before about my Muslim neighbors. The ones that hate my dogs, and give me looks to kill. They have a hard time pretending..

I've called the FBI, but I'm ignored.

For over a year now, their house has been dark...nevertheless, someone mows the lawn, and keep up the appearance weekly. They even have parked a very expensive car in the driveway, but it hasn't moved in over 6 months. It gives me the creeps every time I walk passed it.

The house is ALWAYS dark...and empty.

Until tonight. All the lights were on, and the many satellite dishes were tuned high to the sky...aimed and overheating. There was no doubt in my mind my mysterious Muslim neighbors were celebrating.

Some would say they are scared...but I beg to differ...they are now gleeful, and feel powerful.

Every American has to be furious tonight, and it's time we get furious. Not at the Muslims among us, but at the very thugs and elites who aim to rule us into an early grave. Those that want to destroy America.

Those that will let others destroy America.

Those elite rulers who won't let us succeed at anything...war, life, or competition. They want us stupid, powerless, stoned...and dependent on them and the big global corporations that feed them.

And they are entrenched in both parties. Here how you tell: If they have been there longer than eight years...they are part of it. It's pretty simple.
If they go from the government, to being media pundits, listen carefully. Go by their actions, never their words.

For instance...Newt Gingrich has long talked a good patriotic game. But he is a globalist. He believes in big government, and carefully programing people with social engineering. He believes in elite rule by the few. If you read him and listen to him enough, this comes out, as it did recently.

Make them prove their worth, watch their eyes when they talk and listen to your gut.

Are they lying?

They-want-our-children...and they want us and to die for their New World agenda's, if need be.

And if not, they will arrest us.

Sweet globs of sugar will continue to come out of their mouths. Great patriotic rainbows will drip from their furrowed brows. Like the lying Muslims, who plays the chess game to get to the final Islamic World takeover, they lie, and tell us that it's all for the good of the country, and throw us crumbs of appeasement.

And most of all...they use fear. If you hear any politician telling you that you will die of the swine flu, or your insurance company will kill you, or the planet will kill you, or tea party people are dangerous, that's a dead giveaway of a dictator.

They must not win.
For the poor innocents that died...died hopelessly defenseless..



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