Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nobody's Perfect: Obama's Bending Over

Nobody's Perfect:
Hands down, Obama wins the Nobody's Perfect award of the week, and all he did was bend over!
It's seems so easy for him, being as he is so ashamed of America and all.
While everyone in the United States were outraged at seeing this picture of our President showing such "ignorance" on the job of being President, by using such poor judgement of bowing down to a Japanese Emperor---(I'm sure he was apologizing for America defeating Japan...and mumbling, "I'm so sorry, I was just a kid or I would have prevented it."
The REST of the world was seeing the second picture.
Gee, they complain about Sarah Palin not being sophisticated enough to be President..but can any of us see Sarah Palin bowing to anyone?
We now can add to his many blunders..."President Obama has it backwards. He bows to other nations, but does not bow to the real people he has sworn to serve."
Or maybe it's trying to manage that 71 car motorcade that's getting him so tired he just can't stand up too long.
Congratulations Mr. President! You have broken the record for most Presidential bows to other nations, and thereby made the Nobody's Perfect subject of the week!



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