Monday, November 23, 2009

Nobody's Perfect: Levi Johnson

Nobody's Perfect:
Levi Johnson

"President" Obama has been on this list just too many times in the last month and I'm getting bored with since Thanksgiving is coming up, I'd thought a change was due.

So, here's the "Hollywood Joe" that gets the Nobody's Perfect award for this week...and why?

BECAUSE of this quote: "I don't want to look like as if I'm someone who is getting naked for fame."

So he poses for Playgirl?

Yeah, nakedness is not something you would see there. Good going Levi.

So, if he's not getting naked for fame...then what's the reason? Can we say he is getting naked to embarrasses his mother-in-law? Is he getting naked Is he getting naked for Elton John?

He doesn't want to "look?" What...does he want to be remembered for his outstanding philosophical musings? I'm confused.

Playgirl is sold mostly to "gay" men. I'd say God jumped in just in time to save Bristol, but that's me. (He does that kind of stuff alot)

If a guy doesn't think he's naked when he's standing in the shower, then he probably doesn't bathe much.

Levi, may I also add, must not be perfect in other areas either, for rumor has it, he covers up. All we can do is imagine that the reason for this is because of...his imperfections.

I'm just saying.

I'm just thankful he's not in my family...and although there were many worse villians in the fold this week...we all needed a break---from me. I COULD have written a LOT about this guy, and what a scum he is...but why?

You're welcome!



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