Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Barbara Boxer...Mental Case

Nobody Knows: When you live in a country, where a "senator" named Barbara Boxer makes this idiot statement---

"Denying women abortion coverage is like denying men Viagra."
---You have to wonder just how many millions of people in that country think that statement has any logic whatsoever, and if there ARE millions that see "logic" in it, then we are surely doomed to be destroyed by aliens, and I'd say very soon too, because any aliens worth his salt would be and rightly so, that with leaders like Barbara Boxer being so incredible stupid, the planet Earth might be a danger to the universe...our leaders alone are making a major toxic mess, and the people just can't seem to control them.

First place, no one is denying women abortions. Abortions are legal here. Most everyone, who wants to, will FIND the money for an abortion. But, forcing others to pay for abortions, is downright criminal. Boxer wants you to think it's part of being "healthy." Like a part of health care. Like removing a tooth.

Second place, Viagra is a drug..costs about seven dollars. How anyone can compare a drug to a baby is beyond human comprehension, but that's how long and hard this propaganda feminist brain-washing has been going on.

If Barbara Boxer believes its the "women's right to choose" then she should stick to that. It may be the woman's right to choose, (by that argument) but it's NOT the women's right to make others pay for it.



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Amfortas agrees with the first two squares above but not the three that follow. Hah! And as for the 104, that's just fanciful.

Boxer wrote that didn't she. It sounds like her. Mind you, it was a lot more cogent than most feminist announcements.

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