Thursday, December 03, 2009

A Bold Question for Glenn Beck

Nobody Knows: “Question with boldness.”

For anyone who watches Glenn Beck's FOX show daily, as I do, you know that at the beginning of his opening, he has three statements, one of which is the Thomas Jefferson’s quote: “Question with boldness.” Glenn believes in this statement so much, that he has suggested that we do the very same to him.

So, okay Glenn---as you would say: Buckle up and follow me! I have some questions for you.

While Glenn wants us all to follow him to the preserving of our Constitution, and keeping the America we all love intact, (Which he does brilliantly.) some of the things he is endorsing does not exactly stick to those true American principals.

I’m not sure he is aware of it. At least, I hope not.

For example---Glenn has endorsed two authors on his show. He said that he has read their books. The first guy, Joshua Cooper Ramos, wrote the catchy title that Glenn loves so much: The Age of the Unthinkable.

I read his book. Ramos does not believe in keeping the sovereignty of America. He is a Kissinger globalist--- internationalist---killer of the United States. Anybody who read the book would be appalled at Glenn even endorsing this nonsense. Glenn even has had other guests on that brag about being friends with Ramos.

I wouldn’t even admit he was my neighbor.

The second book he recommends is actually nothing short of brilliant. It’s all about how the elite bankers of Nations who more or less can control us all. The authors’ name is, Liaquat Ahamed. (I know) He is a Harvard graduate and has worked for the World Bank.

His book, Lords of Finance, records the almost unknowable facts of how four bankers from four nations (Our Federal Reserve, Bank of England, France, and Germany) caused the first world depression. Ahamed teaches you that the eastern Harvard elites and the world bankers have been controlling the world for quite a while now. After reading this you will wince every time you hear some billionaire or politician claiming complete ignorance of the whole global banking mess.

While I have to thank Glenn for introducing this book to his audience, there was one thing that worried me. At the end, Ahamed mentions his gratefulness to Strobe Talboott who was his beloved mentor.

And since Glenn LOVES to show you how associations should be questioned----bring me the chalkboard please.

Who’s Strobe Talbott?

Strobe Talbott is one of the modern fathers of the New World with no borders, philosophy. He has been a favorite mentor to many of our American sovereignty destroyers. He was Bill Clinton’s roommate in college. Bill mentions him in his bio, My Life, as his mentor.


Ahamed’s book is so good, that he pretty much has written the perfect blueprint on “How to cause a financial global meltdown, destroying any country you like.” If you just follow how it was done before…then add weather modifications, Universal Health Care, and Cap and Trade, you really can’t lose.

So, let’s do what Glenn does…question his endorsements with boldness.

Obama is associated with mostly communists. If Glenn Beck is endorsing these authors, who themselves admit admiring the new one world government, does that mean that, Glenn admires the globalization of a One World Government?

By all accounts, we wouldn’t think so. Guilty by association? I don’t know, you tell me.

Glenn Beck has become somewhat of a hero lately. His books are best sellers, as are his concerts. It was his influence that brought out the crowd on 9/12 to the Capitol. He has started a “revolution” of ORDERLY protests. By his own admittance, he has been the “release valve” for all of us who are just waking up to this takeover.

But lately, he has been preaching that…”Okay, so we are getting screwed…admit defeat, close down your cushy life, and think of your grandchildren, never mind saving yourself.

It’s almost the same thing we are hearing from Obama, is it not?

I must admit, when he starts on this “get yourself ready for the judgment day” stuff, I have to bite my lip.

Some of us feel our grandchildren can take care of themselves. We’ve just been robbed of not only our life spans (baby boomers) but our own hard earned retirements, and we are really pissed off. We’d rather see some heads of state on a platter… (Figuratively speaking)

It seems to me, instead of leading a revolution to arrest the criminals in our government for treason, he is asking us to prepare for a lesser life--not so bold.

Either Glenn beck doesn’t read at all or he really is being used to guide us all like nice little children…into the New World Order of the Unthinkable, ruled by the Lords of finance, as a gentle pied piper being used to direct and muffle and guide our anger.

Glenn Beck is still the best thing to come along in a weary while, so I say, let’s enjoy him, but also remember what a great guy once said,”Trust, but verify.”

Glenn is right...better to question with boldness, than end up being surprised, that once again, like with President George W. Bush, we were fooled.



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