Sunday, December 06, 2009

Nobody Reports on a Monday: The Most Expensive Gift

Nobody Reports on a Monday:
I was running around doing Christmas shopping today, and so was the rest of the of course, we can all be assured that insidious and evil plans were being hacked out in Washington D.C. because Obama and his merry men, knew we are not paying attention.
But, we are AMERICANS! Why let that little nonsense bother us? Right?
While many of us were imitating Copenhagen's finest by running our gas guzzlers from store to store, a smart person would just go online to shop, which is where I found this.
Go ahead, wrap it up...I'll take it.
In fact...Tiger Woods might want to run right out and get at least ten of these things, as "please keep quiet" Christmas gifts, or maybe just get a box full. Evidently, his list is getting longer by the cell-phone minute.
And specking of phones, this is the most expensive IPHONE being sold, at $230,000 dollars, it's a real steal. Real diamonds in the logo's, and on the least 53 on the front alone...and 149 grams of solid gold.
What's not to love?
So,'s just a phone. And it is also a reminder that God was very wise in making me a lower, used to be middle-class woman, with little money to blow on nonsense, although I DID buy a statue today that I did not need in a million years---because it was one-of-a kind and only ten bucks.
I bought it because I just felt like it---And that's also why some rich globalist in Copenhagen is probably using this very call his wife from his hotel room, while the hookers are in the tub...
Because he just feels like it.
See? As Tiger says...we are all human. Some of us God just loves more.
I'll let you figure out who.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

Talking of hookers in hotels, Joyanna, did you hear about the lady Mayor of Copenhagen's edict? She sent a memo around to all the hotels telling them to prevent hookers and climate change delegates getting all hot and bothered in their hotel rooms. I am guessing it was to keep the Global temperature in check, but the hookers of Copenhagen had other ideas. They have announced that any delegate producing a copy of the memo will get a free bonk.

There has been no comment from the little Mermaid.

12:44 AM  
Anonymous Joyanna Adams said...

So, just why do they pick these global pockets of prostituion in the first place?

Can you see them having their meetings in Joplin, Missouri?

Ha! Free sex? It was planned!

6:54 PM  
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