Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Final Federation Star Party


Nobody Knows: Last week, on Coast to Coast am….Richard C. Hoagland made a conspiracy theory remark right after my own heart…

Richard, in case you are not familiar with him, used to work for NASA. One of his jobs was to report as science advisor to Walter Cronkite. He was right there during the moon landings…in other words, he’s not exactly a nut case. On the contrary, he is one pretty smart dude as they would say in Hollywood.

Anyway, in a nutshell, he said that the moon smashing “looking for water” show that recently appeared was actually a well set-up planned event to get us all ready for the upcoming announcement that …we are not alone.

Obama even had a “Star Party” in the White House before the event. Gee…I didn’t see that on the news, did you? But then again, one thing we do know, Obama likes to party with stars, so I’m sure it’s true.

This “we are not alone” announcement will be used to used to bring in the New World Order Government, that most leaders have not been so secret about, and Richard thinks, Obama will become that “New World Leader,” because as an African-American Muslim (okay, I say he’s a Muslim) he has been picked as the obvious choice to represent the earth.

And you thought I was a nut job? But think: Wasn’t the POPE recently looking at the moon and saying that there were aliens? Did you catch that? Was that just too strange?

Richard suggests we read Obama’s speech at the Nobel Peace Awards with that in mind. He thinks that speech was a perfect set-up for us…as to what is to come.

Actually, my Nobody’s Opinion is that Richard may have something here. Now, I’m not expecting any real actual proof from any government of aliens, we will be told just to “trust” them, and it will be used as a “crisis” to unit us all into their “no borders, one international big community” where a bunch of elites and their buddies will rule us all.

Did you see the crowds at Copenhagen? Was this the Star Trek “Federation” coming to our globalized planet soon? Who knew Copenhagen had such a huge building? That building alone was big enough to house the whole city of Houston. Just to heat that sucker must have cost over 3 billion for the week.

Nobody reported on that though.

But, back to Richard. Globalization…with a one world governement...the final frontier, is on full warp speed. You don’t have to be a Trekie to see that.

To tell us that aliens exist is NOT going to be a big deal for most of the planet. BUT…to tell us that Obama is going to lead us all to becoming global citizens, well that IS going to be a big deal.

Scottie---beam me up!



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says: Now that other comment shows just why we need a New World Order and a bit of firm leadership. The Aliens have been here a while now and took over the Finance industry. You can't even have a conversation about serious matters without some long-nosed, green-fingered loan shark trying to part us from our hard earned cash. Promises, promises.

No Joy, sleep easily, my dear. Obama is just the warm-up act. He got the gig because he didn't have to dip into the burnt cork supplies before he went on stage. And he didn't have to walk a million miles, not like Ahrkk'fut, the real next Great Leader. Oh Rapture ! Come on down !

12:31 AM  
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