Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dictionaries---Banned in White House

Nobody Cares: It seems Nobody Cares that our “President” has not a wit of mathematical ability in that less than noble prize brain of his.

The proof? He has announced (and by the way, this picture on Drudge was just perfect, if you are a big fan of Hillary’s expressions, as I am) that if the Congress does NOT pass his Health Care plans, the United States will go bankrupt.

Oh really? We are not bankrupt now?

Let’s see---Our country is $60 trillion dollars in dept. That comes out to $187,717 per person. How much is a trillion?

Dear Mr. President. Let me explain it to you so that you can understand. In fact, go get those lovely daughters of yours and put them on your lap…and listen, I will explain it to you in a way you will be able to understand.

If a trillion kids stood on top of each other, they would reach way, way, way beyond the moon…beyond Mars and Jupiter, and almost as far as Saturn’s rings.

Now, get out your dictionary, look up the word---Bankrupt: unable to satisfy ones’ debts.

I’d say that’s pretty clear.

Can we pay off our debts now? Nope.

So…doesn’t that mean the United States is now bankrupt? Think hard now.

Ask this question to those girls; If you add more debt to that $60 trillion figure, is that going to help? Nope.

Is it that simple? Well…yes. But come on…our “President” knows we are bankrupt now, so by coming out with this statement, he is not only trying to “scare” all the idiots out there educated by our wonderful public school system, thereby using the usual bullying tactics of the Mafia to get his way… he is setting himself up to be able to say, when the angry mobs start blaming him for the dollar demise, and future high inflation, not to mention the high future taxes…

“It’s not my fault. We went bankrupt because we didn’t pass health care”

Or in his mind…”Those baby boomers just refuse to die off!”

But if you don’t believe me, the Nobody American citizen, than perhaps an expert like Robert Chapman at the International Forecaster will help you out.

He says we’re bankrupt, and they are trying to destroy America to make that One World Government, and this nobody, tends to agree. Give his site a visit!



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