Thursday, January 07, 2010

Will America Survive Globalization?- Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows if America Will Survive Globalization

By now you've seen the news: Some guy in St. Louis went nuts, walked into the plant he had worked at for most of his life, and started shooting. One minute, you're shoveling snow, and the next minute-- tragedy down the street.

Most everyone is going to make this a "gun" issue, or an "economic" issue, I say it's just one more to blame on our politicians, past and present.

When I woke up this morning, I instantly recognized the building where the shooting took place...ABB.

Not too long ago, last year, I was amazed to see it at all, for the simple reason that while just about all the big businesses in St. Louis had been destroyed. To see a brand new, and rather humongous building go up in the middle of this terrible economy was simply amazing.

"Wow...look at that brand new building! ABB, what's that?" I asked my husband as we drove past it one day to go downtown.(No one with any sense goes downtown anymore.)

"I have no idea."

I was surprised to learn this morning, that an international company based in Switzerland owned it, which explains it. No one in America has the money to build anything here now, I should have known. It was only last year that our biggest employer, Anheuser-Busch, was sold to an international brewer overseas. One wonders how international companies get such sweet deals. Just what kind of tax breaks are they getting? Usually, it's the locals who end up paying for it.

Anyway, it seemed the man had been upset over his "pension" and how the "pensions" were being spent, and had filed a lawsuit some time ago.

Well, he's dead now, and not before he took some others with him. All they say is that he was "disgruntled."

Really, ya think? What's he going to do...sue his boss in Zurich?

I was reading just this morning about how that big "NAFTA brings in Chinese goods, superhighway" that was going to be built from the ports in Mexico, up through Texas, then onto a port in Kansas, and up through to remember... that sweet SPP deal pushed through by that great Texan, President George W. Bush, don't you? Well, an international company from Spain paid Texas $1.2 billion dollars for the long-term rights to build and operate it as a toll road. It's not a myth, it's a done deal.

Nevertheless, instead of hearing about our pimp politicians selling off American and its infrastructure like some cheap whore, all we hear about now is the upcoming election where the Republicans will take over and clean up the whole system.

And if you believe that great fallacy, then I've got a bridge to sell you in Zurich.

And speaking of Zurich, here's a few facts of ABB's global electrical manufacturing reach:

• World’s highest substation from ABB powers world’s tallest building
ABB wins $17 million power order in Kazakhstan
ABB wins metals order in Saudi Arabia
ABB wins $70 million power order for London Underground
ABB wins $15 million power order in Vietnam
• Complex wiring made simple
ABB wins $54 million order in South Africa to improve power plant efficiency
ABB wins $15 million power order in Chile

Toyota will survive, the International Companies will survive, our rich and crooked politicians will survive, China is already on a roll...but middle-class Americans...are not expected to.

And many of them, when they realize what's happened, are not going to be too happy about it.

Some of them, like the man working for ABB, will go down blasting.



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Ray Tapajna Chronicles forecasted our economic storms years ago based on several experts in the field of globalization and free trade- see and about workers having no voice in the process at
The new way coming will ignite small businesses across the globe was people try to find ways to survive. Big money does not understand the nature of the Free Enterprise system but it is renewable and the world has plenty of educated people who will now step in and start local value added economies again. The weak spot are the consumers who must conclude they are shopping their way out of their jobs and have to stop doing it. It's time for people of all good will to start putting their thinking caps on outside the mainsteam way of doing things.

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