Monday, January 04, 2010

Nobody Flashes: Mountain Gorillas to sue Al Gore

Nobody Flashes: Mountain Gorillas have taken out a lawsuit against Al Gore.
They are crying discrimination due to the fact that Al Gore is trying to save the polar bear, of which there are by most estimates, over 25,000 on the planet, but ignoring their plight of sorrow.
The Mountain gorilla has only 700 remaining on the earth.
The famous lawyer, Alan Deterostoski has agreed to represent the gorilla's case, and says he has a good chance of winning since the only known predator of the gorilla is man. (Not global warming.)
You can't pick and choose who to save he will argue, just in order to milk mankind of trillions of dollars to be used for your own pleasure! Besides, gorillas live near a volcano in the heart of Africa...a place a LOT hotter than the North Pole!
Alan says he will prove in court, that another reason Al Gore is NOT trying to save the gorilla is because he knows that they happen to have almost the same DNA as man...99.6 percent of DNA genetic code is in common...therefore, Al Gore not only is discriminating against gorillas, but some of his own family...(including himself.)
AL Gore, therefore, hates man so much, that he is afraid that men will unit someday with gorilla's and mess up the planet for the polar bears forever.
Al Gore, driven by racial discrimination (and dreams of global profits out the polar wazoo) wants the polar bears to take over the earth.
The lawyer is asking the court to make AL Gore live with the polar bears for ten years if convicted. The insanity plea will not be allowed, unless of course, he agrees to be committed for life in his local Tennessee penitentiary.
(Nobody Makes this stuff up)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing as always

11:44 PM  
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It will be great to watch The Addams Family, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.

4:57 AM  
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