Sunday, January 03, 2010

Nobody Remembers Medical Diagnosis

NOBODY REMEMBERS: I, like millions of Americans, were happy to hear that our favorite warrior for conservatism, Rush Limbaugh, survived his horrible death by Wikipedia last week. We were also glad to see that he was rushed to the hospital and that all the many tests revealed that he is well and in good shape....HAVING SAID THAT...what he did say was very revealing: They couldn't tell him what happened and why he was in so much pain he rushed himself to the hospital.

And why not? Aren't they doctors?

I don't know about you, but for years and years, in every single emergency situation and health care problem that has happened in my family, we ALWAYS got the same old sorry answer:

"We don't know what's wrong, we don't know what caused it, but here, take this pill, or go see this guy, and this guy."

So...either-- 1: All doctors are just pill pushers...2: All doctors really have no clue to what is wrong with anyone, unless of course you die, then they can diagnosis it: or 3: The power of medical lawsuits has gotten so out of hand, they dare not even make their "diagnosis" for fear, if wrong, being sued out of a job.

I don't know about Rush, but "we don't know" just ain't enough. Doctors are starting to sound like our politicians. One wonders if this "we don't know" is going to get better, or worse.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says: Hmmmmm. Lawsuits and incompetence, Joy? And this is what some say is the best medical system in the world? (By 'some', I mean some in America). The Doctors don't know anything, or at least declare they don't? maybe they do but are being coy. Maybe the only real doctors are all on TV shows.

I spent a while in the ER here a few weeks ago. It was a scene of calm, quiet professionalism, with people all around with a variety of ailments all being treated with kindness and dignity and I presume competence. Apart from the 'security' people who were stern-faced and frankly threatening! THEY knew what to do !!

1:55 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Well, perhaps I should move to YOUR neighborhood!

Send me a ticket!

11:37 AM  
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