Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Nobody's Perfect: Keeping Score

Nobody's Perfect: Which one of these men handled the revelation of how many women he has bedded in his life the best?
Well by all accounts, Warren Beatty revealed to the world last week, that he holds the record, at 12,775...and he says that's not counting quikies, drive-bys (What did he do, drive by and hop on?) and stuff like that. And I have to wonder just how good that sex was if he took the time to count every single one. Frankly, I think he was tired of Gene Simmons holding the bragging record, and the competitional sex trophy was just too hard to resist.
As for Gene, according to him, he bedded 4,897...but I bet that is probably an underestimate since he is a very smart man living with a very beautiful common-law wife...
Both these men put the image of "sex" machine out early in their careers, their "imperfections" to women, are seen by many men as "sexual perfection."
It all depends on how you look at it.
And now we come to Tiger Woods. So far, less than twenty have come out of the Tiger Woods Club collection, and I'm thinking, maybe it's time he just start bragging like the other two. I would just come out and say...well..."I've been with over 24,000 so far, and that was not counting the orgies I had before playing the MASTERS!"
At this point, if I were Tiger, instead of trying to morph himself into the "rapper, gangster-bad-boy-golfer image" I would just put a big sense of humor on the whole mess.
Admit he's had sex with both Warren and Gene...no, admit they all had a party in Las Vegas one New Year's Eve and Tiger actaully scored the most, for obvious reasons...he's in the best shape, and always comes out ahead on sudden death playoffs.
After all, it's best to put your weaknesses (Or some would say not) before the whole world...right up front...then you never have to apologize to anyone.
Who's the most perfect SEX machine?
Let's ask Angelina Jolie.



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