Saturday, January 16, 2010

Nobody Reports-- Bush and Clinton to the Rescue

Nobody Reports: Today, it was announced that President Bush and President Clinton were going to lead a National campaign to get Americans to donate money to the poor "brother and sisters" in Haiti, who are still in such dire distress after the earthquake. And they are getting more distressed by the minute because no one can figure out how to get the food and water to them, even though it has now arrived, and is sitting in the airport...rotting.
Yes...they need money, because hey, the government is broke, are you crazy? Do you think they should send their paychecks?
President Bush exclaimed at the White House today: Please...just send a check, we don't want grandma's old smelly mattress...and for your contributions you will receive this brand new tee shirt left over from the office of the Democratic Party main headquarters.
They have a surplus, and it will be yours for free, with your donation.
(Nobody Makes this stuff up)



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