Monday, January 18, 2010

Nobody's Perfect: Coakley VS Obama

Nobody's Perfect:

Okay---so she's not exactly a big sports brain. She thought that Fenway Park was some kind of park for the endangered spices of that rare bird called the Red Sock Warbler, who come to roost every spring in the center of a much needed watering hole before they go to Florida for winter. She didn't realize that these birds are actually people.

We should forgive her for that. Rich people can't keep up with all this stuff.

And somehow she thought that a 'Curt Shilling' was some kind of foreign currency in her offshore accounts...the one where she hid her husband's $200,000 assets so that she could claim at tax time that not reporting his income was just "an honest mistake."

All the liberals in politics makes that simple "honest" mistake...give her a break.

And it's okay that she has her thugs beat up people who ask her questions that she doesn't want to answer. After all, she didn't ask her body guards to beat up people, she merely told them to keep the sods away from her very expensive Prada shoe collection, or it would come out of their paychecks.

Oh, and it's also okay that she is losing so badly to her handsome Republican opponent, Scott Brown, that "President" Obama and Bill Clinton had to come and do stump speeches for her to try to save the "unexpired" seat of Ted Kennedy. (Who by the way, expired the seat when he expired.)

Yes, George W. Bush caused so much damage, (Even though it was Ted Kennedy who held that seat after his graduation from the sixth grade till his death, so one wonders why he is excused.) that it is going to take her the rest of her natural born life to stay in that seat and work on all the damage that's been done by Bush.

These things take LIFETIMES you know.

But, it is her fault that she hasn't had those lips fixed. I say, as a taxpayer, that if we are going to have to stare at that face for another fifty years, the least she could do is get the number to Angelina Jolie's plastic surgeon. I am sure the taxpayers will agree to pay for it. (Like we agree to every other cent that they spend, right?)

Yes, Ms Martha Coakley is our candidate of "I'm not perfect, but I am the heir" candidate of the week, and let's hope that the "people" decide that Ted Kennedy's long terrorist reign of Massachusetts will pass into the arms of a much better man.

Until we find out that he's Not Perfect either. That remains to be seen. the other big imperfection here that dawned on me today....

Yes, it goes to "President Obama" and as a nobody I feel it's my American duty to point this out.

He is using Martin Luther King's Day, a day honoring a man who was against slavery of all the black people, to MAKE the black people, go back to being slaves again.

He has told them today, in honor of their ancestors, (and that includes Martin) that he expects them all go out and pick up trash, clean up houses, try to fix up their lawns...and help that drug addict across the street to put the needle in the right place.

In other words, the MASTER has told them to "Get back to work! If I'm handing out your free welfare checks, then at least once a year, you can pick up your trash and work for ME."

Funny, when a "black" man tells blacks to not be lazy, it gets no outrage. How does that work?

If the government is going to support us all, then he, as BLACK MASSER, has a right to tell us what to do. He has plans to make this Martin Luther Day slavery thing into an everyday affair soon for all the newly made slaves to the new Progressive Party, and he is going to work 36-hour days to set us all a fine example...

Not counting the hours he spends on vacations, dinners, Air Force One, golf, basketball, balls, eating ice cream...etc...

BUT all the rest of that 36-hour day, he WILL be working! And while he gets to enjoy 36 hours a day, the rest of us have to try to get everything done in just 24!

That's why he's President.

(Nobody Makes This Stuff Up)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

Well she does have a passing resemblance to Teddy but for a seamless handover and no boat-rocking you'd think she'd at least spray her hair white.

Angelina is not my idea of what a politician should look like when there are so many other openings for women with large chests and cute bums, so the 'lips' bizzo is a bit of a call, Joy.

2:13 AM  

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