Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Real Reason They Want Us All to Stop Taking Ginkgo

Nobody Flashes:
The Reason they want us all to stop taking Ginkgo

Glenn Beck just questioned Sarah Palin's devotion to the "progressive" John McCain. She was very careful to give him her full support.
And do we not see that today, the newly elected GOP Senator from Massachusetts, Scott Brown, had his first visit when he arrived in Washington with that Rockefeller Republican, John McCain? All of a sudden, RINO John McCain, wants to cuddle up to the tea-party hopefuls, in order to bring all the "independents" back into the Republican fold.

Is this the new "deal?"

Last night I was watching a very spiffy History Channel PR piece on the Rockefeller's, and how wonderful the whole family has really been. Oh...they left out the fact that they believe and are working relentlessly for a One World with no Borders ruled by the unelected few...

Nope, those quotes were left out.

Also in yesterday's news, Jerome Corsi, The Late Great USA author, the man who is trying to expose the politics of the globalization czars (remember, they ALL love that word) is now being attacked by the attack dogs of the Bushes.

I'm also at the moment listening to Sean Hannity talk about the great reversal that just happened in the Supreme Court...and how wonderful it is--but is it? The great big multinational companies can now contribute as much money as they want the next election...but hey, did they forget about the little persons here? How in the world do we compete with GE? Obama acts like this is a bad thing, but it also applies to Unions, so I don't believe him, do you?

Who runs this country? Can you say "GE? COKE? DISNEY?"

I'm beginning to think Simon is running this show.

John McCain. The man who was picked to "lose" saw Scott first, then John Kerry came to congratulate him, because Scott, did vote, along with RINO Mitt Romney, for Universal Health Care in Massachusetts. How good does that make you feel?

So, no doubt, Scott will help push something through, and we will STILL be taxed.

What are we going to say? He's a truck drive. And a cute one at that.
So, if you look at this from the "One party of big money elites rule all" to get to a One World Government" point of's what you see.

Our Ginkgo memory chest move moments:

Reagan gets in, but is forced by the leaders of the Republican Party to pick George Bush the First as his Vice-President, otherwise, he will not get the nomination.Reagan doesn't really like Bush, the CIA, CHINESE-New World Order guy, but he goes ahead.

Reagan really does go Rogue...and Independent, and takes down Russia. And then gives us twenty long years of economic growth.

George the FIRST, gets in due to Ronnie's popularity, and goes over to basically protect BP from invading Kuwait, thanks to having money and a great military built by Ronnie. America needs the oil, (Because our progressives won't let us drill for our own.) He does NOT take out Saddam.

Why? To give his son a "mission?"

Bill Clinton comes into power (being handpicked by Rockefeller from the Arkansas Mafia to work with the One World Order) at seventeen. He is given a crack-pot eastern education. Oxford. Georgetown, and a very ambitious wife...

He ends up in a scandal, which takes our eye off the fact that Bill is working with our military contractors to literally GIVE the Chinese the capabilities to nuke us. He gets all his major funding from the East. He also give plutonium to N. Korea, who gives it to Iran. He is worried about the "guns" in the hands of regular citizens. During his reign we get NAFTA, and big corporate mergers out the ding-dong. The Republicans help him out on this. A move which has left both Mexicans and the US in unemployment.

Clinton---a man who should have been shot for treason...(Yes, our founders would have agreed) is still loved, by millions. Our media tenderly keeps him in the "lovable" fold.

Hillary, the feminist who married to hitch a ride to be the first woman President, just ends up getting used. That's why she always looks so...mad.

Then the pendulum swings back, (of course it MUST) to Bush II. George, drives a truck and is a good old boy, who went to Harvard just for fun. He gains all our trusts as one of us.

9/11 happens. Both parties were warned, neither Clinton or Bush protected us. They all make sure they cannot be blamed.

We invade Iraq, and then right before the elections, George runs McCain to lose, and Obama is put in. Obama keeps the military buildup, and continues to destroy the country.

And it looked to me, from watching her when she lost, Coakley was also run to lose.

The natives were getting just a bit too restless.

Ginkgo also helps us to remember, although does not ease the pain, that it was the Republicans who started that econimic destruction of America, by their spending...and with a little help from Barney Frank and Wall Street. This move, is continued with Obama.
The final downfall (if not stopped) will be on the token. The plantation hasn't left the barn.

Obama will take the fall, (when we are finally attacked) and in the meantime, will push through more governmental fascism. No wonder he is partying like it's 2012.

In the next elections or before, the illegals will be allowed to flood our country, the old will die off, and the rich elites will continue to build a one world government without a protest.

How? They control the media, the magazines, our water, our food, little by little. The banks, the big industries, and soon, the internet. And the rich will survive. And somehow, it all comes back to "our fault." The nobodies.

It's almost as if it's all smoke and mirrors.
And they will call it...progress.

Anyway, good for Glenn Beck for at least questioning Sarah and Scott.

How do we stop this "one party, two step?"

They control the topics. They control the "brands," and what you see. They pick who runs, who you see, and the context in which you see it. Add the propaganda tool called the "polls" and you have many means to control your agenda.
I don't know, but I hope we can, stop it. Let's hope Glenn stays on the side of "right."

Let's hope he really gathers us all for the last fight.
Let's hope he finally figures out..."mulitnational globalization" means America is being used as a social enginneering guina pig...for the New World Order...bunch of loonies.
Let's hope, the next time my "internationally accreditted" local cop pulls me over, I can refuse the ticket because I'm STILL an American and do NOT go by the UN rules, and I will offer him a Ginko Biloba pill in order for him to remember too.
Excuse me, I now need some Advil.



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Amfortas says, in amazement:

Nobody could invent this stuff !


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